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      I recently acquired a used (but in excellent condition) JVC HD100U. Everything seems to work fine on the camera, but the problem I (and apparently half the people who own this type of camera) have is that I cannot capture 720 24p HDV footage in ANY NLE program.

      I’ve been scouring the internet for a solution to the problem… I currently use Final Cut Pro 6.0, which has no problem recognizing the HD100 when it’s set to DV mode, but when set to 24p it simply cannot even find the camera.

      Being lucky enough to have several friends with PC’s, I tried my luck with Sony Vegas 8. That too failed to recognize the camera.

      I’ve tried numerous workarounds (neither HDVxDV nor DVHSCap recognizes the camera either), but nothing seems to work. I’d assume that the Firewire port on the camera was malfunctioning if it weren’t for the fact that it works fine in DV mode…

      Again, it seems bizarre that instead of failing to import footage properly (dropped frames, lack of timecode, etc.), no NLE will even see that my camera is connected.

      Does anyone have any other suggestions? Is there some setting on the camera for outputting HDV that I need to change?

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      you should be using the internal capture utility in Vegas to capture HDV, if that still doesn’t do it try hdvsplit to capture, it’s free.


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      I just tried HDVSplit, but that didn’t recognize the camera either.

      I’ll try giving Vegas another go…

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      I finally sent the camera to JVC out of frustration… apparently the firewire circuit has been shorted either by myself or the previous owner. As much asI relish the thought of paying the $1,928.17 I was quoted to replace the mainboard, I was curious if anyone knows of any cheap workarounds.

      Isimply don’thave the funds to purchase an HDV deck outright, but I was curious if I could put a MiniDV tape with 24p HDV footage into a cheap consumer handheld HDV camcorder and use that as a replacement deck. Any thoughts or better suggestions?

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      yea. you should be able to put the tape into a cheaper camcorder with no quality loss. Also, try looking for a used HDV deck, that is, if you will trust the previous user. Seems you may have been screwed with your purchase of this used camera.

      I’ve read that the reason why Firewire ports can burn out like yours did is because of the sudden jolt of electricity that goes to the port once you plug it in. The port could also burn out on your computer. So the best thing to do is plug in your camcorder and turn it on while the computer is off. Then don’t turn off your camcorder that your using as a deck…ever.

      I have a miniDV deck connected to my computer and I never turn it off.

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      Yeah,it’sstarting to soundlike I got a raw deal on the camera. Still, I’ve found some cheap HDV cameras on ebay (and a few cheap HDV decks), but will they maintain 24 fps (or even work at all) when I play back my 24p MiniDV tapes? Neither the cameras nor the decks have 24p listed as one of their capabilities;they’reeither 30 or 60p.

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