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      For the past four years, I’ve had this love/hate relationship with my pair of JVC HD-7 Hard Drive camcorders. I’ve loved the compact size, great optics and 4 hour recording time, hated the short battery life, useless optical stabilization and perhaps most of all, loathed the process of converting the .TOD files to something editable. I nearly ditched them until I discovered I could import the files directly into Vegas Pro. I recently bought a Matrox MX02 Mini, which allows me to capture to FCP via the firewire or component video. I’m still waiting for a plug in that will let me capture directly to PP CS5.5, but that may be a long wait. The cameras have been otherwise trouble free, so if you find one for a smokin good deal it’s worth considering despite their age.



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      Actually, you don’t have to convert TOD files “to something editable” for PP – all you have to do is to import them onto your hard drive and rename the extension from .TOD to .M2TS – and Premiere Pro will import them directly, ready for use. Nothing else needs to be done.

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