JVC GZ-X900 – HDMI not working?

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      Hi there,

      I have a new-ish JVC GZ-X900 camcorder – it’s HD and records to SD
      card. It has a port for playing video via HDMI. I’ve followed the
      instructions and tried to playback video using two different HDMI
      cables, to no avail. Am I likely to be doing something wrong?! I
      manually select the appropriate HDMI channel on the TV, but the screen
      remains blank.

      Any help greatly appreciated.


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      What about the camcorder? Is it set to HDMI Out,

      and the right format?

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      It’s weird, but I just got it to work. I tried my third, brand new HDMI cable and for some reason it worked straight away. The two I tried previously were also brand new and from different sources, so I don’t know what’s changed but it seems to be functioning.

      Thanks for taking the time to reply though, much appreciated. I should have said that I’d gone through all the output settings on the camera. There were two ‘auto’ HDMI modes (although the difference between them doesn’t seem to be documented) and a third 520p mode. Originally none of those worked.

      Thanks again,


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