JVC GZ-MG364 v Firewire

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      Afternoon all,

      Could somebody please clarify if the above camera has a firewire facility – iether on the camera or through the

      DVD burner dock,



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      No…this camera records mpg2 straight to disk so it isn’t needed.

      You basically just do a file transfer.

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      Thanks Coreece & greetings from here in Liverpool, UK.

      The reason I ask is because it works well with the software supplied, but I decided to try another package and I find the Pinnacle won’t let me pull out my stuff unless I’m using Firewire :(, I’m currently trying to find out how I can get the stuff on to the drive by maybe, putting it in to a folder – or I could have wasted my hard earned cash here !!



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      Hey Freddie,

      You should at least be able to transfer the files to your hard drive usinga USB cable and put them in a folder like you said….then you just import the files into Pinnacle. You’ll obviously need a USB cable with the appropriate size connections…I believe you mightneed a USB mini to USB A cable. If it didn’t come with a cable, just takethe camerato the nearest electronic store and they’ll get you the appropriate cable once you show them the USB port on the camera. It should run about 10.

      Cheers mate,


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      I have the cable & I’ve used it beforewith Power DVD etc, I thinks it’s this Pinnacle software that’s seems to rely on Firewire – we are having difficulty trying to find a way to put the files on the HDD – minus the wire.



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      you’re confusing me…..importing files is like the most basic concept, however I did hear of a problem with another guy having trouble with his computer recognizing the camera when it wa hooked up. The guy was going crazy and asking if the planets were alligned against him because this should’ve been real easy…lol…o’well, I guess that’s life’s little miseries for you….murphy’s wondrous law.

      what exactlyisthe problem?

      What is your process?

      Why do you want to make it harder and not use a USB cable? The files aren’t magically going to transfer telekinetically…lol

      What version of the software are you using?

      Are you aware of the difference between using a USB cablefor file transfer and using a firewire for capture?

      It should just be a simple transfer from your camera to the computer hard drive like any type of normal transfer…copy/paste.

      Transferring files can be done independantly without the Pinnacle software… once transferred, simply import the files into Pinnacle.

      Best Regards

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      Just to add…

      When using a USB Cable, once plugged in, your PC should be able to see the camera as an external harddrive. Then it becomesa simple matter of trnasfering files between the drives. Youmight have to power your camera externally as the USB port may not be able to support the power required. When using Pinnacle you select Capture choose Data Disc or Memory Card then browse to your files.

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      That’s a nice consise answer Crafters…I hope it works for him.

      Freddie, let us know if you are still having troubles…I know how even the simplest tasks can become a nightmare when it comes to editing.

      Good Luck Buddy! 🙂

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