JVC GZ-MC100U Worth It?

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      I’m new to camcorders. I recently wanted to get a digital camcorder so my brother and I could record some nintendo video reviews, news, etc. My brother is also a musicia, and I’d like a decent camcorder to record some of his jam sessions, and other random videos of his band. And also maybe some random family videos.

      Anyway, I first looked at some cheaper camcorders, (MoviePix DV-80, Creative Vado, RCA EZ205) But wanted a better one, for video and sound quality. And a decent frame rate. Anyway, I started looking at the Kodak ZI6 for about $178CDN with a 4gb sd card. It seemed ok for what I want, but it doesn’t have image stabilization,and I would like to move the camcorder around a decent amount sometimes without a ton of blur.

      Anyway, to my point. I see a JVC GZ-MC100U on clearance for $299. It used to be alot more years ago.
      JVC GZ-MC100U Site: http://www.jvc.ca/en/CONSUMER/product-detail.asp?model=GZ-MC100U
      It on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002X7V4I/ref=asc_df_B0002X7V4I736249?smid=ASH1H6YCFH4EF&tag=cnet-ce-mp-20&linkCode=asn

      Now, this is where I need some help. I understand when looking for pretty much anything, you should go online, and search around for reviews and info, and videos if possible, to help make your decision. My problem is, the JVC GZ-MC100U is an older camcorder, it first appeared on amazon on September 14, 2004. So it’s been about 4 and a half years. The latest review on amazon is from 2007, and the others from 2006 and earlier. I can’t seem to find any new reviews. And since technology changes so fast, I don’t know if its badly outdated.

      Then I see something like the kodak zi6 which came on amazon in July 2008, less than a year, and is quite less.

      So I came to a camcorder forum, hoping someone can help me. Is the JVC GZ-MC100U a good price for $299 today?
      Or should I wait, and try to find a newer digital camcorder for around $300 to $400? Or just grab the kodak zi6?
      (I know to get a very good one they are way more, but I just can’t afford something like that now,)

      Anyway, any help, oppinions, would really be appreciated. Thanks.

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      I just wanted to update, and say. For example, I could get a JVC 40GB SD/HDD Camcorder (GZ-MG340BU), for $350, and or a Sony 30GB Hard Disk Drive Camcorder (DCRSR45) for $400. Would either of those be much better than JVC GZ-MC100U for $300?

      (P.S. I couldn’t see a edit post button, sorry if I just missed it.)

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      You will be happy with that cam for everything you want to do execpt for recording your music, hence it does not have a mic input.

      To get a good cam with a mic input you will need to spend at least $800.

      I would go with this cam now http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/597342-REG/Sony_MHS_CM1_Webbie_HD_MHS_CM1_High.html

      then save your money to upgrade later. The CM1 is a great little cam for home videos and with the memory stick you can quickly upload to a web site where your family in other towns can view it.

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