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      I just recently got a JVC HD7 camera and wanted to know if there is any tutorials how to use it, etc. Any help would be apperciated.

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      it’s probably better to look at the manual.

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      Good luck! I have had mine for a year and a half and just now I think, maybe I have it all set up right. The camera itself is fantastic. It shoots great video. Once you transfer to desktop, you will notice that you have .tod or.mov files. There are very few editing programs that accept these files. Cyberlink and Ulead are the only ones I have found. I have just upgraded to Cyberlink Power Director 8. I sure hope this works. GinnyB

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      Well, I use the GZ-HD7 and have no difficulty with them in Premiere Pro CS4. The camera comes with Power Cinema for Everio by Cyberlink which reads the TOD off the camera (or you can use Windows Explorer), then import those into Cyberlink Power Express. Once imported, quit Power Express and delete the TOD’s, because it has made mpg’s from the TOD’s. TOD’s are actually mpg’s with 4 bytes or so added per I-frame (so said some reviewer somewhere), and Power Express removes those 4 useless bytes. Any editing program that can handle mpeg-2 can work with these files.

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      i found this helpful.


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      Sony Vegas Pro 8 *and I assume, 9* will directly import files directly from the HD7 using the following workflow:

      First, set up your camera to record in “1440CBR” mode. This is done from the setup menu.

      To import your footage via FireWire, first create a playlist.

      1: put the camera into “play” mode using the select button exposed when you open the LCD

      2: On the LCD, push the “F” (function) key. This opens a menu.

      3: using the rocker, scroll down to “EDIT PLAYLIST” and push the rocker to select.

      4: Select NEW LIST

      5: Select ALL SCENES (you can also select “BY DATE” if you want to get every scene you shot on a particular day)

      6: You will get a list of each individual scene file you have shot. Again, you can only use the ones that were shot in 1440 CBR mode.

      7: Use the rocker to scroll down the list of thumbnails. Find each one you want and press the rocker TWICE, The selected thumbnails will appear in a column on the right side of the LCD along with an indication of the total time you have selected.

      8: When you have selected all your desired scenes, skipping over the bad takes, etc, push FUNCTION, and select SAVE AND QUIT

      9: At this point, go ahead and connect your FireWire cable to your computer and open Vegas. Don’t try to capture just yet. The camera must have a valid FireWire connection before you can proceed.

      10: Meanwhile, back at the camera, press FUNCTION again, select PLAYBACK PLAYLIST

      11: you will get a list of the playlists you have created, sorted by the date/time you made the list.


      13: up will pop a warning that you can only output scenes recorded in 1440 CBR from the iLink terminal. Select OK . You will get another message telling you that you can select scenes not to be recorded in the playlist edit screen…select CONTINUE.

      14: The final screen says “PREPARE THE RECORDING DEVICE” **** DO NOT PRESS “START PLAYBACK”***

      15: Now in Vegas Pro, do File/Capture or press the Capture button in the Project Media Tab. If all has gone well and the Gods Are Smiling, you will see STOPPED in the blue capture screen. At this point assign a clip name that has some meaning like a date code or something that will make sense. Fill out the other fields to suit your editing style.

      16: Press the red RECORD button just below the capture window and sit back as the process begins. Capture takes place in more or less real time.

      Believe it or not this is easier than importing the files into the oh-so-icky JVC software and doing a conversion, then importing into your NLE of choice.

      IMHO, Vegas Pro is a very under-rated program that allows you to get work out the door quickly and efficently. It is far more powerful than most people realize. If you are using Vegas Pro (not Studio) I strongly suggest getting the book by Douglas Spotted Eagle.

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