Wanted: JVC GR-HD1 Accessories

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      Hello all,

      I recently purchased a JVC GR-HD1 through eBay.? The camera itself is in pristine condition, somehow, and works perfectly.? My only problem is that I didn’t get all the usual accessories one would get normally.? Most of the accessories aren’t really a concern for me, I can find batteries and chargers for it easily.? My main concern is that I don’t have an AC cable so I can’t plug into a wall for power.? Now I can buy a bunch of extra batteries and an extra charger to keep them charged but that can get kind of heavy.? Anyone out there know where I could get an accessory pack for the JVC GR-HD1 or at the very least an AC cable so I can plug into a wall?

      Thanks! (b’-‘)b

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      All I know of is to buy the accessories through JVC itself, by phone or through online purchase of camera accessories at retail value.


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