JVC GR-D375U not being recognized by Vista.

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      Okay, I have a friend that has this Camera its pretty consumer. When we plug it into her laptop Vista just sits there. Doesn’t auto play or notify me that something was just plugged in. Let me list all the things i have tried so far. Camera is in VCR mode. I have tried two different cables. Which happen to be 4 pin to 4 pin. I have eliminated the firewire card itself. Windows sees my external hard drive when i plug that in. I have tried just about every combination plugging it in, ie: turning the computer off then plugging it in then turning camera on then turning on the computer. The only thing i have not really been able to do is get a firmware update. Thats because i can’t find one for this camera. Thats why i turn to you all…maybe you could help me find whatever it is i might need. I tried looking at the JVC site to no avail. Then realized its a Canadian model, so i checked the CA JVC website and found stuff but not sure what i am looking for. Here are the specs on the laptop.

      Its a Hp pavillion dv6000
      Windows vista home
      AMD athlon 64x 2 dual core processor TK-53 1.70GHz
      2750mb ram
      32 bit operating system

      I also found a potential registry fix, something about windows not enumerating something…i went ahead and did it…still didn’t work.

      I really don’t wanna believe its the camera, I have a feeling its something else really simple.

      Anyways, any help would be great on this one.


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