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      I’m new to this, have never owned a camcorder before, so forgive me if this is a stupid question.

      I’ve just bought a JVC Everio GZMG21. While I appreciate that all the information (zoom, battery strength, image quality, etc) on the display is crucial when recording, I’d prefer it to not be on the actual recording. When I’m watching my film in a year’s time, will I actually care what the battery strength was when I recorded it?

      Having read the manual, such as it is, I couldn’t see any setting which would stop this information from being recorded onto the film. Am I missing something? I would have thought that this was a fairly basic requirement?

      So, there’s my (first) question – how do I tell my JVC Everio GZMG21 to just record the video, and not overlay any of the diagnostic information on top?


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      Hi Compusolver,

      Many thanks for taking the time out to help me. I appreciate the effort.

      The display was visible when playing a recorded clip back from the camera to the TV. I had just assumed it had been recorded with the video. Thanks for clarifying that, and for locating the manual.

      I hadn’t realised that revealing personal info was required netiquette on this forum. I’ve been active on many forums over the years and it hasn’t been an issue before. I’ll drop in some detail, if that makes everyone happier.

      Just Someone.

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