JVC Everio GZ-HM430wek sd card

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       Hi all I new here & new to video making! Please be gentle!!

      I just bought a entry level JVC Everio GZ-HM430wek & would like to knoe if i can use the Micro sdhc card? as well as the normal sdhc ?



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      If you have the micro sd adapter, I suppose you should be able to. I would be surprised if it had it’s own microSD slot.

      Memory is reasonably cheap, though, so I wouldn’t mess around with micro stuff. The price has even gone down since I bought last. Amazon has 16gb class 10 transcend SDHC cards for $15 right now. I’ve had good luck with those on my Canon HD camcorder as well as on my Canon T3i.

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      Thank for that Joseph

      The only reason i asked was i have some microsd cards but no adaptor.

      I had a reply from JVC & they tell me they will not work! so off to buy a couple of sdhc cards,



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      Hi guys Im back after testing this camcorder I have a couple of question i hope someone can help me with??

      I cannot record any fast moving objects! due to rolling shutter effect

      I cannot record at parties due to rolling shutter effect

      I cannot record anything with flashing lights, due to rolling shutter effect

      I cannot record anything in lowish light the auto focus will not work

      I cannot record moving objects that I need to pan the camera due to rolling shutter effect

      I cannot record a electrical storm due to rolling shutter effect

      I cannot record anywhere anyone is using a camera with a flash! due to rolling shutter effect

      Please tell me what I can record with this camcorder??

      is this no more than a stills camera without a flash??

      Thanks in advance!

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