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I own a JVC Everio GZ-HM400U camcorder. I am very happy with the quality of the video, however I have recently been looking into working with 60fps as a standard, and would appreciate help regarding this camera and its capabilities. I am aware of the features of high frame rate recording included with this camcorder, from 120 to 600 frames per second, with video quality being lost in respect of the higher frame rates. Also, during high speed recording, sound does not record, and time is limited to less than four seconds. However, when using the camera in its standard mode I am unable to record higher than 29.97 frames per second. My question is if it is possible to record at 59.94 frames per second in high quality with this camcorder.

Another bit of information: When previewing the raw .MTS video files directly off the camera's hard drive, VLC displays the frame rate to be 59.94 frames per second. Dividing displayed frames with time shows around 29 frames per second, which does not correlate with the first given information. Any conversion shows 29.97 frames per second. I do realize the camera's specs show it to record at 1080/60i, which is essentially 30 fps, but the fact that it /is/ able to record in higher frame rates much beyond what I would like is frustrating.

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As I understand it, the<span>JVC Everio GZ-HM400U doesn't have the capability to record 60p, only output it to a screen or recorder (itapparentlyup-converts). That would explain why you're only getting 60i (or 30fps) when you're recording.</span>

Can anyone else confirm or rebut?

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