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      Hi I have a jvc 30 G HDD cam. Can any one please tell me how to use it as web cam,



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      There’s probably software around somewhere that will allow webcam video broadcast via Firewire (have you checked the web lately?)If the camcorder compatible with docking (some JVC Everios include a dock), then you can purchase the apropriate cable, IEEE 1394 DV (FireWire), and attach the camcorder to its dock during web broadcast.

      You won’t, however, be able to utilize a tripod mount during streaming (broadcast). The dock is connected to the bottom and does not contain a screw-hole for a tripod mount.

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      I have a Panasonic XXX… It actually says that there is a Webcamera setting. On all of my other cameras (Sony, JVC, consumer, pro), I have never been able to set them up as webcams because they aren’t programed to do so.

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