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      For all of you playing the ‘keep up with the new software/gear game’, get ready ’cause just when you thought you were safe in the edit bay with Premiere CS 5.5, here comes CS6!

      #JOHNADOBE from Rob Ashe on Vimeo.

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      So you are saying you can make the “Jaws” effect in CS6?

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      And this lovely complete package can be your for the low low low low low price of $2,599.00.

      And if you order right now we will include, daily fights with your wife because you spent so much and did not get the dishwasher, but wait there is more, a nice couch to sleep on for weeks on end. And yes we will also include many cold dinners and a completely sexless existence.

      That’s how it would be for me unless someone tossed a bean out my window and it grew into a nice money tree.

      I have always like CS but it has always been like the moon, something nice to look at but I am never going. BTW, the complete suite cost more than my car.


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      Well you don’t have to buy the whole creative suite, the premium production suite is quite nice, but that is still 1600 (unless you are upgrading). You can get Pr and En on their own though – still 3 or 4 times the $ of Corel X5 but so much more flexible and very fast. Did you notice in the Conan/Pr video the guy called it the Fred Mercury playback engine? Hilarious! Works though.

      As for keeping the expense from your wife – a constant dilemma! But every company is responsible to their major stakeholders/investors. The decision to go with CS3 was easy for me, at the time my VideoStudio was flakey (er) and couldn’t handle a 26 minute training and orientation video I was making. Plus every 5 or 6 minute segment had to render over night (very much like 64 years!) so it took a week to make the DVD after I made the video files. With CS5.5 I rendered a 30 minute video, HDV down to DVD (MPEG2), there were colour corrections, audio and video transitions & titles – rendered in 17 minutes. 4 min more for En to make the DVD. As an experiment I put the same files in X5, which is not apples to apples because I generated a DVD at the same time, and after 60 minutes it was still chugging away – it was done sometime within 75 min. though, I just wasn’t in the room for 15 minutes. So, though X5 is much faster than VS11, its code still doesn’t take advantage of my system in the same way that Pr does. Whether that speed is worth the expense is a business decision.

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      Personally, I’m still using CS3 because it still does what I need. Though I’ve got my hands on CS5 on another system, the main thing is to take full advantage of the code you need to have the gear to do so. You need a serious RAM, CPU and GPU bump to take advantage of the speed boost, core assignments and multi-threaded capabilities of graphics acceleration. All that is more money. I could upgrade my current system to a certain point, but I’d need to yank out the Mobo, put in a higher speed multicore CPU, put in much faster RAM and spend at minimum of $900 bucks for a compatible GPU. Ugh! Even with an upgrade, that’s going to come in around $3500-4k. It’d be easier to just build another rig. Most annoying is just when you finally get all ‘caught up, oooh look the latest version’s coming out! Don’t forget the cost of all the support books which always take at least 6 months to come out since Adobe’s pdf manuals always leave a lot to be desired. Yet, eventually as work requirements dictate I’ll fork over the cash in order to stay in business.

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      I still have and use CS3 on my laptop, its a 32 bit system (Vista OS). I upgraded to a new desktop when CS5 came out and upgraded to that because the 64bit system was a worthwhile upgrade when working with HD. 16 gig’s of ram MPE and a smoking graphics card yada, yada, yada and all the things I like to do render faster at full HD than they did with CS3 on a 32 bit machine just a couple years ago. That was a worth while change for me.

      When 5.5 came out there wasn’t really anything worthy of an upgrade. I doubt CS6 will really have anything either that would justify the cost to upgrade. If its fluff to appease FCP professionals migrating to Adobe, I seriously don’t think its going to have anything I need. Now it might have a few things I would like but then I might already have a third party plug-in for it.

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      I went from CS4 to 5.5 and the GPU acceleration alone was very much worth the upgrade price. I see Photoshop CS6 uses GPU acceleration, too. This video shows some upgrades over previous versions for Photoshop, some of which are pretty neat. I’m not sure what advances, if any, there are for Premiere and After Effects, though.


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      Of course, with the upgrades you would need this (releases tomorrow 03/23/2012). Triple the cuda cores of the GTX 580. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130768

      Now we’re talking sexy!

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      pseudosafari. I like the new features in Photoshop cs6 as I am a photographer as well as a videographer. I hope they have some nice new features in PP and AE, that would be cool.

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      Do you have a relative,friend, thats in college? Get the education discount. I started with premiere 5 way back when…I can usually get 3 years before something cool comes out. The biggest thing for me was HD compatibility and the steadyshot fixy thingy I have yet to use 100%..


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