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      Hey guys!

      I have an HDR-SR5 with an Active interface hotshoe and im buying an old sony adapter that is for a hotshoe. Will it still work even though its not called a “Hotshoe” ?



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      hmm…it should. Isn’t a hotshoe just the attachment area on the camera that provides power to whatever you attach there? Not all cameras have but, but my GL2 does. As long as the device you have connected to it is meant to be connected to a hotshoe, you shouldn’t have a problem. At least that what I would think.

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      I would think that it would…

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      A Sony Active Interface hotshoe is a proprietary interface that apparently has nothing to do with an ordinary hotshoe. And I can’t be sure the design has stayed the same. If you have the model number, you can locate it on the Sony customer service site and then you’ll know what it is compatible with.

      If you’re still confused, list the model number here and when I get a chance, I could look it up. Or perhaps one of the hordes of folks looking for one of those adapters could chime in.

      Good Luck.

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      I know what your talking about. My boss has the HDR-SR5. Very strange hotshoe/cradle thing!I think it would work ifthe cable endgoes into one of the inputs on the cradle.

      Sony tech support is very good and helped me with troubles with my boss’s HDR-SR5 and HDR-SR1. They can answer your questions very easily.

      I know, kind of a hassle, but calling tech support has worked for me every time.

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