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      Sabre The Wolf

      This is my most recent video, the movie is 300 to the song Kesha – Blah Blah Blah. I see it as my greatest creation, but of course, it only has like 100 views. xD

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      You might check the book “YouTube: The Insider’s Guide to Climbing the Charts” by Alan Lastufka & Michael W. Dean Lots of tips on how to get noticed on YouTube


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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      You manage to edit it very nicely and it feels like the song goes with the actions. Now you are not the first YouTuber who had done this kind of thing (there must be thousands of this kind of videos on the Tube) and you cannot expect to generate many views with this. The 300 video, like I mention is nicely edited, but is still from the 300 movie which millions of people have watch and know the story. Showing something that people have already watch (literary) is not that impressive. Even the movie parodies sometimes are so bad they shouldn’t even exist (like Meet the Spartan)

      You seem to know your way around video editing, so you have one step ahead. Now if you want to generate many views on the Tube you really need to create something completely original. For example, look at the talking orange, is so stupid that is cool and it have millions of views. People like it because is completely original and have a somewhat decent script. That’s the primary key of it (also a decent story of course) and knowing how to make the video get view, which you will have no problem if the video is from something very original and never before seen.

      Don’t get high expectations with YouTube because you are competing with thousands of people wanting the “YouTube Dream” to happen to them also. My advise, research the web and yourself so you can create something original and it will need to have consisted videos (consistency with videos keeps the audiences) Then…well..see what happen, there are no guaranties in this.

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      Grinner Hester

      if piracy is your greatest creation, you need to keep creating, brother. I can’ think of a single thing you could use this clip for. Spend that time on creating your own works so you can market yourself.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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