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I make audio software and have been struggling to make instructional videos.

The first issue I/we have had is finding a screenrecorder program. It took me a full day to find a software and codec combo that was remotely passable and the timing drifts - some parts are synced, others are up to 3 seconds off.

*Any* advice here on softs or codecs is welcomed.. I am part of the synthedit community and there's several of us that have been attempting to do this. It's frustrating given that gamers have evidently been capturing screen activity easily for years. Obviously, some amount of synchronisation between video and audio content is necessary.

My solution was CamStudio's codec with AviScreenClassic. Many other softs were unusable - black screening in premiere elements, jittery keyframing, et c. et c. I used an audio program to record audio, which is obviously correctly temporally calibrated.

Win xp2 on a dual core..

...A day later.. with content in Premiere Elements, I have pieced together a trashy, frustrated vid and uploaded it to youtube..

..their conversion process has transformed my 3 1/2 minute video into 10+ minutes.

Obviously, this will not do! I really don't want to lose day after day of development time troubleshooting a field I am greatly nescient about. Getting screen activity onto youtube shouldn't be this much of a hassle, should it??

Several of the export options are really not suitable, eg. quicktime has tragically poor audio (5.5kHz with no antialiasing prefilter?!!!! destroys voice, let alone instrumental content).


Screen Recorder advice -

Premiere Elements > Youtube advice - what works for you??

Any assistance will be shared with several users and is very gratefully accepted!




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