just got $1,000 help me pick a camcorder please

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      okay so im a music producer and im interested in buying a videocamera to shoot music videos and maybe make some money on the side .i don’t know to much about video cameras but im looking for something that might come with a video editing software so i wont have to pay for this separatly what do you guys think ? well my budget in around $1,000 dollers . im looking for something that can gives me the best professionally quality for that amount of money . If you guys could give me some ideas that will be great .TY .

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      For $1000 total budget you won’t get new professional equipment or even new prosumer level either. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do professional looking video.

      You can keep software costs down to < $100 by going with one of the “home” versions of non-linear editors (Sony Vegas Movie Studio, Premiere Elements, etc…).

      As for the camera, since you want to do music videos, look for one that has the ability to hook up to an external microphone (you don’t need XLR input, later on you can buy an adapter for that) and one that does well in low light situations.

      Consider used equipment from reputable sources (Craig’s List and eBay can give you the value of diamonds or camel poop so caveat emptor at those two sources) to hold prices down.

      Maybe a used Sony VX1000 or VX2000/VX2100 if you can get it for your budget (not HD but a great pro camera that still is in use by many wedding videographers).

      Good luck.

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      In your shoes I would go with cheap ‘happy cams’ like the FLIP and similar rigs. You get two cams for under $300, and take the rest and buy that software ‘Cat mentioned and a PC workstation Desktop that has the minimum spec’s to push your video during editing. Then I’d scour VM’s free video tutorials on lighting and other topics so that I could make my video production values take advantage of what I had to work with. You’re also going to have to scrape up some extra cash for an audio recorder like a Zoom H2 or H4n because though the video can look very good, the audio on consumer cam’s are poor at best. Initially, I’d stick with the 720p format cameras because it’s HD, but a lot less hassle for a low-end computer to push than 1080p/i. Here’s some examples:

      Cheap consumer HD cams

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      My camera shoots HD and you could buy that plus a $100 range editing package for around $1,000.00 if you shop for both.

      My camera: http://www.sonystyle.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10551&storeId=10151&langId=-1&productId=8198552921665842120

      I LOVE the quality of the picture it shoots, but it has its shortcomings, too.

      But I second what birdcat says–look for one with a mic input. I miss that. Sony doesn’t usually provide that, so I end up recording audio separately much of the time. And composite1’s got a good point, too–if you need a computer, you might better skimp a bit on the camera and make sure your computer is up to snuff.

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