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      I made my first full feature indi film called 9th & Bay. It’s 1 hr and 28 mins long. I need the best possible copy of this on DVD so I can get them mass produced. I have some problems. One. The video is jumpy. Flickery on some scenes. The other it the quality is much better looking on an analog TV. It looks worse on an LCD. What settings should I be using in Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 to export the best quality DVD possible. I am using a PC which I will be changing to Mac after this project. I shot the movie on a Panasonic Ag-dvx100. Any ideas on how I can get a good export onto DVD????

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      Be sure to use a dual layer disc also. If this is going to a production house for duplication you better check with them.

      Most production houses have pretty strict standards that they require, we just went through this a few months ago.

      Too bad on switching to a MAC

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      Switching to Mac, huh? Nice call πŸ™‚ Just diggin’ at Engles a bit here.

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      That’s ok Earl, I can take it πŸ™‚

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