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      Hello guys,
      I am a film school graduate new to L.A from TX. I just purchased an sony HVR-V1U HD camcorder. I was wondering, any ideas on what I do for some extra money in order to pay up the credit card for the camera.

      I have been looking around and found that weddings and realtor videos are a good way to start. Any suggestions or ideas on what I can do? Or any suggestions of how I can rent my cam. to others with the right insurance to ensure in comes back to me in one piece? Any suggestions would be great. PLEASE>

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      Don’t rent your camera unless you have rock-solid insurance that protects you if the camera is broken. Also, make sure the insurance specifies that it is covered if someone other than you breaks it while using it for commercial reasons.

      What kind of work to look for?

      Offer to shoot as the 2nd camera for weddings. Call wedding videographers and offer to work for free the first time so they can test your capabilities. After you prove you are capable, you shouldn’t have any problem getting about $150 to $250 for a day of shooting a wedding.

      The same goes for shooting special events or seminars. Offer your services for free to get your foot in the door. Then, after they have tried you one time and like your work, you can charge them every time from then on.

      Bottom line: You should be calling every production company within a 100 mile radius asking for work. Tell them you are recent film school grad with a camera and that you are willing to do whatever is needed, regardless of what the job is. Production assistant jobs will pay your camera off the same way a job that actually uses your camera will. Driving a car for an actor will also do the same. Be creative. The rookies that are aggressive and willing to do anything are the ones that get chosen for the work.

      Good luck! You should check out my website if you are interested in learning more about how to make it in the video business. I started the same way you are back in the late nineties so I know what you are going though.

      Kris Simmons

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