JK Divorce Entrance Dance | Please Review

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Hey everybody!

Here's a video we did with Indigo Productions last year. It's a parody of the famous JK Wedding Entrance Dance and it was meant to go viral. So far we got over 7millionviews on YouTube alone, so I think we can safely say that we succeeded in the "viral" part. Any comments or ideas how we could improve in the future?



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Liked it (Biased reviewer)

Overall grade A

All that work and all that cool stuff going on and only one camera. Whats up with that. (OK, so able to deliver DVD 5 minutes after the event. Thats cool)

Concept A+

Choreography A+

Sound A

Entertainment Value A++

Camera Work C-

Camera work kinda funky. Why didnt the cam zoom in closer to the dancers at the entrance. Would have been cooler to get head to toe of the dancers filling the screen, so as to enjoy their dance moves more when they were at entrance to the court room. Same comment for when dancers were at business (judges throne) end of room. Especially true when the guy in judges robes was doing his bat wing side step thing in the entrance area. Missed opportunity here.

Also, a flood would have helped at entrance and at camera position, as these dark robes were, well, really dark and more like shadows or silhouettes than swirling robes.

So, as I understand it, your company responded to a dare to make a viral video and got 7 million hits. Interesting that 4 decades ago, if you were a nobody composer in the music biz with a nothing special minimum contract and sold that number or got played that much this would have generated about $150,000 for your personal bank account. So today you get nothing, but you do get noticed.

The look of this viral video is pretty amateur, and obviously many regulars on this forum could shoot it better. But thats what you wanted to do, an amateur viral video, shot in one hour with one camera, enjoyed by a worldwide audience, and producing the happiest and hippest moment on all the cable news networks for one day.

Irrespective of production values, the concept is brilliant. Way to go !!! Can you do it again or are you a one hit wonder. (No shame in that)

BTW, did the shoe actually hit the camera, or was that a special effect. Im guessing shewas a good shot.

Looking at your website, its not surprising that your video company might be tops in the NYC market. Visually, your examples are quite dazzling, sophisticated, state of art, etc. etc. Only this brilliant viral video looks crappy. You really know what you are doing.

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Hi Thom,

Thanks for your review! You are absolutely correct with the camera work - it was shaky for a reason, kind of a "viral video prerequisite" :)

As far as the shoe-shot - that's our little secret but I'll tell you anyways. That's the only edit in the video to put two shoots together.

The audience is actually composed of our students from the viral seminar we host each summer at NYU, here's some more info:http://www.indigoprod.com/ViralVideoWorkshopCome to think of it, I might post it in the education section.

We're brainstorming a new viral project for the class but I can't say yet :)