Jhoana + Mark – A Wedding Story

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    Good song. Good use of depth of field focus shift. Good use of time shifting. Good storytelling.

    I personally don’t go much for so many scenes chopping off heads, but that’s subjective.

    It felt like some of the cuts in the opening sequence were a bit jarring.

    Overall, nice show piece and I’ll just bet the couple was pleased.

    You made some great scene cuts at certain beats/words of the song.

    Nice job.

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    Thanks for Earl ! Much appreciated…



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    I like a lot how the introductory part has been made.

    If I dare an advice here – for my pr-wedding photo shootings, I tend to advice the clients a bit as regards the overall cloth policy (matching colors for coulples, or tops with sleeves for more corpulent persons, and in any case colors other than blac // dark for the top) – may be try to do the same, since people do often need such advise as well .

    Best regards,

    Photographe mariage Luxembourg

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    Nice. Overall I found it a very romantic piece and I’m sure the couple was more than pleased with it. As a shooter, I found the look a bit too flat and low contrast but it was consistent with the couple wearing black and white throughout the piece. Editing wise, my only beef was with the cuts showing the books up close. If that was to indicate the couple met while reading books in that park, the transition wasn’t clear and it seemed more like you just put that in there because they wanted it. It was a storytelling issue I felt got in the way of what you told later. Other than that, like I said it was a very nice piece. Good job.

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    @Iriska – for sure,you make a good point..i’ll certainlykeep your advice in mind for future shoots…

    @composite- yeah, you caught me trying to sneak that in there :)the books up close was to generate some humour with their friends given that they would probably be the last people on earth that will be caught reading and enjoyinga fictional lovestory..

    thanks for watching guys!

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    Nice work..how are you doing the side ways slides, do you have a small rail system? maybe a few too many for my taste but still good..


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