Jesse & Joy – “Chocolate” (Music Video and Making Of Video)

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      Carlos Lopez Estrada, a director living in LA, created this fantastic
      music video that we at Pro Juice came across recently. There is also a
      great behind the scenes look at the making of this music video which
      is a must see. From the VIMEO site…

      “During the first month of the year 2010, a group of 9 brave soldiers
      worked for 30 days straight, without seeing the light of day inside a
      secret dungeon located in Los Angeles, California. Their task was to
      gather 90 handmade cookies, sugar, milk, flour, chocolate, eggs and
      dough; and utilize them to create a 4 minute stop motion video for a
      foreign artist whose lyrics still remain unknown. They disappeared for 6
      weeks and just recently emerged out of the darkness with a small
      floppy disk containing this: The Official music video for

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