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      A few years ago, a 200GB Ultra ATA 7200 RPM hardrive was on sale. I purchased it, and video playback during editing is slow, jerky, and buffers way too much – often tens of times.

      The computer’s original 80GB SATA drive is fine.

      I figure that the problem lies in the transfer speed – the ultra ATA’s rated speed is up to 133 MB/sec.

      I’ve been looking around, and was wondering:

      would it be better to get a 250 GB USB 2 external drive for $80, with tranfer speeds up to 450 MB/sec, or get a 160 GB SATA for $200, or a firewire external.

      I am limited on money, and and just looking for something that is inexpensive and can tranfer the video to the editing program fast enough that buffering does not happen.

      thanks πŸ˜€

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      Is the SATA drive external? If it’s internal, it should be much cheaper, and faster, and would be the way to go in my opinion.

      Otherwise, with the USB and Firewire, I’ve been using a Western Digital 500GB drive, and it has both. Working on a Firewire would be optimal in my opinion, the USB 2.0 works with DV, but fouls up pretty often for me when importing. Both do fine when editing/streaming video though.
      With a Firewire or USB 2.0, however, rendering time is increased as well, but otherwise works great.

      For an external drive, there are other options as well, but are more expensive.

      Videomaker has a great article on external storage here:

      Hope you find one!

      PS. I recently got my 500GB drive for $130 at costco, great deal!

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      The SATA would be internal.

      Since I already have an internal SATA for the operating system, there is no extra imput for an additional SATA to the motherboard (hooray dell).

      someone said that i could get an adapter for PCI that would allow me to get another sata, and connect it that way.

      But would the SATA be limited to the speed that PCI can go (133 MB/sec?)

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      Huh. I really don’t know the answer to that question.
      In most of my experience, internal drives have faster transfer rates than external drives. Maybe its not the transfer speed of the ATA? DV video must be less than 133MB per second.
      How much cache does the drive have?
      This may not be directly related t your problem, but how much RAM is installed?

      Otherwise USB 2.0 and Firewire have both worked fine for me, and I hope someone more educated in this area can clear this information up.

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      1 GB RAM, drive speed is 7200 RPM with an 8MB cache.

      I’m pretty sure that the problem is drive speed – video stored on the main operating system drive plays back fine(that one is a SATA)

      thanks for your help so far

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