Jerky Ride on Importing .avi into 7.0

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      First time opportunity to use newly purchased Premiere Elements 7.0;had been using online services and/or MS Movie Maker neither of which I had issues with imported .avi files being excessively jerky on playback within the application.

      Properties on the .avi files are as follows:

      Image: 320×240; Bit Rate: 64kbps; Audio Format: MPEG Layer-3; Frame Rate: 30FPS; Data Rate: 5080kbps

      I’ve tried what adjustments I could find in the application, but to no avail. Since this was a relatively easy thing in the other applications I used am I just missing setting a particular configuration or other parameter?

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      That is probably a type 1 avi, Premiere Elements will only work with type 2 avi files.

      Convert the file to DV-AVI using Windows Movie Maker and Premiere Elements will work with that file just fine.

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      There is a free tutorial on converting files using WMM here

Viewing 2 reply threads
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