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      Project using HDV . New computer, i7processor, 8 gig ram.ATI 5670 video card, project spread out over three 7200 sata HD. I always render. I have followed Adobe troubleshooting tips.

      Final export is fine, it is just the Program Monitor that stutters. Not bad but Elements never did this. Mainly shows up during pans and zooms.

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      HD video in Premiere is a problem (raw or compressed), regardless of the speed and assets of your machine. I have torn my hair out on this as well. I came across a technique that is used by production houses since the conversion to the digital age of analog video scrubs. It works really well. Premiere Pro (not sure about Elements), has a feature where you can use low resolution proxy files you create so that all of your edits and colour corrections go smooth without making your machine sluggish. In fact a regular fast single core will work just fine, however when it comes time to render the file to the output video flavour you want, a fast machine is paramount. You can search for terms like adobe proxy or offline editing keywords or you can read the article I wrote on my web site http://www.homedvd.ca/resources/tips/create_proxy_files.

      I hope this helps

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      Thanks Bill……….. I’ll give it a try. Oh, by the way, when I reduce the size of my Project Monitor to only 25%, it plays very smooth. What does that tell us?????

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      Well, if anone other than Bill is reading… (thanks Bill)) Here’s what I did and here’s what I found.

      I recaptured the entire 30 minute HDV with my older duo core computer, 4 gig ram and an onboard video card (integrated). I then dropped the clip(s) into Adobe Premiere Elements and the playback on the program monitor is smooth as silk and beautiful. The monitor is even set to a larger size than i used in P. Pro.

      This is unbelieveable. What is going on???

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      Forget about Premiere for second. Does your rendered HDV clip play smoothly in the stand alone Media Player on the older core duo? Try the same clip on your i7 in Media Player? What are the results?

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      OK…. You are talking about the captured video clip? Playing with WMP….. OK

      Older computer: Yes. Smooth as can be great capture…….

      WMP on new i7 computeralso clean and smooth as can be….. but drop it into the timline in P.Pro and it’s not as nice and smooth.

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      It just hit me……….what a difference.

      1. Older computer:? View captured clip(s) on older computer:? raw clips HDV = great picture and smooth pans

      View same clip(s) dropped into Adobe Premiere elements = same great picture and smooth pans

      2.? New i7 computer: ?View same raw?captured clips on i7 new computer:? raw clips HDV = great picture and smooth pans.

      View same clip(s) dropped into Adobe P.Pro = stuttering pans and zooms….??not as smooth as above.

      ?Is this normal? or as you mentioned above it IS normal ??

      (Bill, I couldn’t get your link (above) to work)

      Thanks Bill I do appreciate your suggestions here.Tom B.

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      Tom, what type of graphics card do you have installed. Adobe recommends

      • GeForce GTX 285 (Windows and Mac OS)
      • GeForce GTX 470 (Windows)
      • Quadro 4000 (Windows and Mac OS)
      • Quadro 5000 (Windows)
      • Quadro 5000M (Windows)
      • Quadro FX 3800 (Windows)
      • Quadro FX 4800 (Windows and Mac OS)
      • Quadro FX 5800 (Windows)
      • Quadro CX

      I have the same problem running CS5 with AVCHD and found out the problem was wrong graphics card. Output looks great when rendered.

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