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      Well, two projects in the last two months have vanished. Specifically, I open the project and the timeline window is empty. Wow. Just wow.

      I’m also having a problem that the DVD’s are burning for “other than North American Region”. Pinnacle says they won’t answer my WTF question since they don’t supportLAST YEAR’s software (10.7).

      As soon as I’m finished my current projects I’m going to remove all the unreliable PINNACLE junk off my HD. I can’t decide whether to burn the disks and smash the ashes, or to smash the disks and burn the debris… either way, the leftovers are getting flushed.

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      Sorry to hear about your problems with your editor. I don’t use Pinnacle so i can’t offer any advice or suggestions. If you’d like to try a new editor i will suggest MEP 14 plus. Download a free trial here:

      Maybe it will work for you as well as it has for me. 😉


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      I’m a new forum member and couldn’t help notice your issue with Pinnacle. I also have Pinnacle Studio but since last year decided to drop them. I find their software to be a) buggy, b) inconsistent, c) dummbed-down. Tech support is nediocre at best depending on whom you get. On the “plus side” is that they do have decent FX Effects. But in terms of the program (Studio) performance it leaves a lot to be desired: I havean Intel Dual-Xeon processor system (each processor is at 2.8 Ghx) with 2 gig ram, and over 1 Tbyte of disk space. You would think Studio (and I have Studio 11 Ultimate) would run like a bat out of hell. Well, it doesn’t.And it takes longer than necessary to render effects. I also use Sony Vegas Studio and it’s like night and day in terms of speed and performance. If you’ve found another editor you’re comfortable with great, otherwise you might want to try Sony Vegas Studio (the pro version is also an option if you need that kind of functionality). The interface on Sony Vegas Studio is very different from Pinnacle Studio – Sony doens’t presume you’re an idiot so they have not “dumbed-down” the interface. In fact, you might even find the interface a bit overwhelming at first as it does take some time to get used to. I also tried the Magix Edit Pro and found it very interesting but my trial expired before I could make a decision.

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      P.S. – you can download a trial of Sony’s Movie Stuid 10 at:

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      I hated Studio myself especially version 10 but switched to version 11 ultimate. It was buggy at first but the patches seemed to fix things. At one point I had to completely reinstall windows to get it to work but, it works like a dream now. I actually do local tv commercials and business videos with it. It edits in HD like a dream. The real trick is having a system that can handle it. You need a beast of a system. I had a 3800+ dual core AMD with 4 gig of ram and a 512mb ddr3 graphics card and I’m telling you it wasnt enough. I switched the 3800+ out for a 6000+ and it runs so much better. I’d suggest using a quad core processor. I’ve used Vegas and Vegas pro. I have to admitVegas isnot as buggy but, when it comes to function Vegas is like a dump truck compared to Studio 11 Ultimate which is like a dragster Corvette. Put Vegas under a lot of strain and it’ll pull through and go a million miles but, it takes so much time to edit. Studio is like a Corvette, its sleek its fast, you get projects done quick but, it’ll break down. Version 11 is way better than 10. They even have a version 12 out now and as soon as I complete my next business video I’ll be upgrading to it. Of course I hear that it takes an even faster pc to run than 11. Oh yeah everything I edit nowdays is in 1080i HDV at 1080×1440 shot on a cannon XH-A1. I burn DVD’s and HD DVD’s put out to files and upload video to the net all the time. Tech support is there but, they arent the best in the world. They have this stupid habit of either telling you to uninstall and reinstall or to install the patches. If youve already done that then they’ll struggle giving you an answer. If that happens ask for 2nd level support. Trust me on this if version 12 is any improvement on 11 ultimate then there is no way Vegas is going to even touch it except for the extra editing tracks. Since Avid really started working on Studio its first class. If they added extra editing tracks I dont think I would even want to use anything else but it. Just my two cents.

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      I figured it out.

      I was accessing content on an external HD (usb). When the computer shut itself down overnight the application didn’t like losing the usb connection on the fly and the project got erased.

      I can’t wait to get version 12 loaded. Heck, I’m so good that I can create professional DVD’s with Moviemaker loaded on an Etch-a-Sketch, so I’ll just live with Studio’s “features”. (Wish they had more than 3 video tracks though.)

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      I have to agree, but i had a different prob with it, first, they wouldn’t let me use it ( even though i paid for it at the store ) until i went to their website and ” unlocked it” then, every 3 minutes a pop-up would freeze my comp right in the middle of an edit. when i would click to close it I got a NASTY waring: you AGREED to take our survey… and would not be able to continue until i typed something in the field, so i wrote: can’t reply to your survey because i can’t use the software because you %$*^(( s interupt me every 3 minutes, I then unistalled it…or so I thought. my comp kept bugging out, and i found a bunch of the pinnacle stuff in various folders all over the hard drive…took a trip ( que scary music ) the d.o.s command line it nuke it all. I use Magix now, which isn’t perfect, but at least got some vids in the can.

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      “I use Magix now, which isn’t perfect, but at least got some vids in the can.”

      “(Wish they had more than 3 video tracks though.)”

      I’ve heard from quite a few folks that switched. MEP14+ has 99 tracks on the timeline, kinda overkill but I’m glad they are there. 🙂 I don’t know if any NLE is perfect. I’ve never had a major issue with MEP. I did have MEP ‘crash’ once but it was because I tried to load a file that I didn’t have the codec for. The cool thing was MEP14+ will let you save your work before it shuts down. So I didn’t lose anything, I just restarted it and continued on.

      I’m not sure what pinnacle’s issue is but I hear a lot of folks seem to think it sucks.


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      I have Pinnacle Studio 12 and love it. It is by far the best version so far. I am not a fan of their tech support, but the new product is very cool. I still wish they would expand beyond 2 video timelines. That is my biggest issue with them now.

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      I know this post is old but I think it is worth some comment.

      I use Studio 12 Ultimate and it is fantastic. I do not have a super computer and it runs fine. There are several rules you do not break.

      You must have at least two hard drives. One for the program on operating system, the other for video editing.

      Rule number two, turn everything off that runs in the back ground like virus checker, spy checker etc etc etc. Try running “End it all”. It works on my machine and touch wood, I have not had a crash or glitch.

      Use Studio 12 – get rid of all other versions from your computer. Before you install studio 12, if you have any other version, delete it and run “regdelete” from Pinnacle. It will remove all registry entries from Studio, thus ensuring a clean install.

      Studio 12 has a lot of features that the older versions do not, including shutting itself off after making movies, or saving itself if you run out of disk space.

      You have learnt a very hard lesson my friend. There is always a GOLDEN RULE that should NEVER be broken. BACK UP YOUR FILES !!!!!!

      Most people (me included) have (had) a lousy file system. The project is usually in one file, the music in another, video in another etc etc. This makes it hard to back up. helped me organise my files and best of all made it easy to back up everything in my project.

      Read how to do it here:

      Oh and by the way cjvideo, if audio is not important on your third video timeline, you can drop video into the “Title line”, but make sure you put it where you want it as it is difficult to move around.

      If you have trouble seeing what’s on the first two time lines try this little trick. (Assuming you have video in both video timelines.)

      Now this step is important, it will not work if you do not do this. Lock the second time line (overlay track) . The video will appear in the preview screen.

      Now Click on the first video layer, now open your “video plug in tool box” located just above the video time line on the left hand side of the screen and select the “picture in picture” icon. You can now see the first video layer in the “picture in picture” view screen, and the overlay video track in the preview screen. press the play button or drag the scrubber and both video will play at the same time. You may want to mute an audio line as both audio will play too. (yuck)

      If you really want some helpful hints and tricks and free HFX transitions (home made) and other free plug ins visit this site

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      Welcome to the darkside. Those of us that think Pinncale is junk.

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      Thanks videoman, I hadn’t tried the overlay track, but it worked fine. Like I said, I have V12 Ultimate and love it. I have used Pinnacle since V8, and outside of V10 which seemed to have a ton of trouble, I have had no trouble at all. I just upgraded my computer a few months ago and it runs even better than before.

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      I’ve used Pinnacle for a few years now and have been using Studio 12 Ultimate with Windows Vista 64bit. There were times that I could have thrown the software out the window in the beginning and there really was no rhyme or reason for why it started working after almost a week and a half of trying EVERYTHING to get it working. I think prayer was the only thing that did work.

      With that said, it’s easy to learn and use but will drive you up a wall with all of it’s neurotic behavior. No offense ladies but it reminds me of a VERY high maintenance woman that is never satisfied and will do just what she wants when she wants.:) She’s just not worth all the trouble. (Ladies, you can insert ‘self-centered, lazy man’ and you begin to get the picture:))

      I’m now looking for a GOOD program to handle AVI files so that I can walk away from Pinnacle. If they had better support and real world answers I’d probably stay.

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      Sony or adobe

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      Outside of V10 (which I uninstalled and went back to v9 until v11 came out), I haven’t had any problems with v11 or the v12 Ultimate at all. Actually, I really like it. However, I will say that their customer service is less than satisfactory. At some point in the future I will probably switch as Pinnacle seems resistant to adding more video & audio tracks and the more video projects I work on,the more limiting 2-3 video tracks becomes. For now, it works great. But from what I have seen and heard, Imay be switching to Sony Vegas Pro in the next few years as it seems like a reallynice package.

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      A few days ago I downloaded ( about 8 hrs) the 1.5 GB trial version of Studio 12 Plus and captured about 40 mins of DVI tape. Then I rendered it to MPEG 2 and tried to burn to DVD. Well it was a hopeless case and impossible for me to accomplish.

      However with the Cyberlink PowerDirector 7 it all went very smoothly.

      With Sony Vegas trial version when it came to burning the DVD it said “Sorry mate, you’ll have to download the DVD burning software.”

      My rendering times using i7-920 processor and running Vista 32 bit were as follows :-

      Pinnacle Studio 12 Plus – 30 mins to render 40 min video tape

      Cyberlink PD7 – 4 mins to render 40 min video tape

      Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 – 12 mins to render 40 min video tape

      So Cyberlink PD 7 wins hands down! For me anyway.

      PD7 – 6 mins per 1 hr tape

      Movie Studio 9 – 18 mins per 1 hr tape

      Studio 12 – 45 mins per 1 hr tape

      I realise that the actual content in each time line varies but I would have thought it did not matter that much.

      Also, Cyberlink claim in their promotion of their product that their software is specially written to take advantage of i7 capabilities.

      Previously my P4 was taking over 3 hrs to render a 1 hr tape using Pinnacle Studio 9.4 so my main concern was to reduce this huge time using a new computer/processor and new software.

      Not only was the rendering time a big concern but the programme kept crashiing and jamming up.

      I should also add that when trying to contact Pinnacle it told me that they did not recognise my Login name even though I have posted there! Hopless. In fact they require up to 3 passwords for different areas of enquiry. I give up!

      I am interested to hear any other reports on this similar subject so please reply if you wish.



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      I totally agree with you there mate. For a while, when I was just starting off, I used Pinnacle Studio for editing the majority of my work. However, after about 4-5 months, I found that Pinnacle is far to unreliable, and that it kept crashing every hour or so. Since then, I have been using Magix Movie Edit Pro, which I have found a lot more reliable, and I am very pleased with it.

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      I haven’t had the problems some have experienced with Pinnacle crashing (at least not since V10, … which was so bad, I reverted back to V9 until V11 came out). I hate their customer support & think the render times are outrageous, especially on HD. But overall, my experience was excellent with Pinnacle (except V10).

      That being said, I recently bought Sony Vegas, and while not as intuitive as Pinnacle, I am getting used to it and really like it. No long render times, more video and audio tracks, nice effects, etc. Pinnacle was relatively easy to use (but I also have used it for 5-6 years). The more I work with Sony Vegas, the more I like it.

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      I agree with intelligentangle. I’ve used Pinnacle Studio for years now. You have to really overkill with your system requirements to get it to run smoothly. Definately double, and if you can triple all of their recommended requirements. I use a quad-core processor, I have 5 gigs of RAM, and my graphics card has a gig of RAM. I’m now using Version 12; and I love it. Again, you need to arm your system with a bunch of expensive upgrades to run the plug-ins that come with it, but the end result is great. Vegas seems like a solid program. But it doesn’t seem to be able to anything Pinnacle can’t; and I’ve yet to see a program as easy to use as Studio.

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      I purchased and installed Pinnacle Studio 11 in January 2008 and I was not able to get it to function properly at all. My system had significantly more than the minimum requirements, yet theprogram stuttered and froze when trying to do the most basic of operations. I reinstalled, but this did not help at all. The video I did manage to render (converted from VHS) was nothing more thanjumbled images and jagged sounds. I decided to completely uninstall the program from my PC, but I could not even do this as bits and pieces remained, which caused errors and slowed my system. When I tried to remove them manually, my system shut down.The only solution, rebuilding of my PC!

      To make a sad story even worse, we use video editing software at work and, despite my advice to not do so, the purchasing team bought Pinnacle Studio 12 for my use. Yum. I must say that it does work better than 11, but it still fails to deliver as promised. Clearly, I recommend avoiding Pinnacle.

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      I have been using Pinnacle since version 9 and the amount of times I wanted to throw my PC through the window were too many to count. Of course then I tried version 10 and then 11 and then 12 and then 12 Ultimate – never learn hey? The problem is that when one is used to an editing system it is very hard to change. I bought Vegas and the change was radical. As I am doing editing for a living I did not have the time to “play” around while learning. I have subsequently upgraded my PC and have not had a days problem with Version12 Ult. The effects in Pinnacle are amazing.

      To play safe though I split all my projects into 10-15 min sections and then combine them all at the end .

      I have heard it said that Pinnacle is for amateurs and dummies, well I am very satisfied with my end results so I am quite content being an amateur dummy.

      Having said that it would be really nice if Pinnacle would incorporate multi-cam editing as I use 2-3 cameras at a time.

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      I have said it before, I have not had any major issues with Pinnacle (except V10). I am slowly making the transition to Sony Vegas, and like what I am seeing, … once I get used to how differently it works. I have edited everything from sports videos, weddings, tv commercials, etc on Pinnacle and outside of the longer rendering times, have had very good luck with it. I have Studio 12 Ultimate right now, and really like it.But I do like the the higher number of video/audio tracks with Sony Vegas and will eventually migrate entirely over to Sony.

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      I have as well always had problems with pinnacle, the guy I’m editing for uses it and has used it for 8 years and I just cannot BE-LIEVE he hasnt tried a different software after all of those years of trouble. I am only keeping it for the job i have with him but I am really really looking to buy another software. Vegas seems like the most reasonably priced next step, Adobe is a LOT more expensive…is it worth it?

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      My hunch as to why Pinnacle doesn’t offer the advanced features y’all are lusting for in ” Studio ” is because they have ” Liquid Edition ” ( professional ? )which if I recall correctly has multiple time lines for multi-camera editing.

      I started out by purchasing Liquid Edition PRO but soon realized that I was in over my head. As a result I reasoned that the Studio version would be Pinnacle with training wheels, being more intuitive perhaps.

      Alas, I’m not able to devote as much time as I would like to this hobby and probably won’t ever become really proficient. I look forward to experiencing some of the complaints posters to this thread have voiced!!


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      Pinnacle Studio 12 may work for some of you, but the software install purely sucks canal water. I tried all sorts of things for 14 hours to try to get around an error 1304 which I believe is simply poor lazy programming on Pinnacle’s part. I tried an entire day just to get it to install, and the tech support was an absolute joke to put it mildly. (I could use stronger words) The first tech told me to go into msconfig and disable all my services and try to install… REALLY… on a program that uses an msi installer… try to get that to work with the windows installer service disabled.. THEN he wanted me to try to install it in safe mode.. BDOH, same problem.. And it only got worse as the day went on, then it took me all night just to fix all the junk that the software constant install/uninstall did to my PC.

      Hey, the gear itself may work fine, but I will NEVER touch another Pinnacle product ever again. And for you people thinking of upgrading to v12, do yourself a favor and read through the forums really well and discover just how may other people have had all sorts of issues with it. I myself learned my lesson the FIRST time.


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      I wanted to switch from Adobe because of stability issues, but didn’t try Pinnacle because of all the bad reviews here and in other places. Instead I chose Cyberlink PowerDirector 8 Ultra based on the recommendation of where it got first place. I has an organized, intuitive workspace and a well written used guide. It has been stable, fast and handles AVCHD files with ease.

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      Too rightavguy49, you will find that AVID/Pinnacle have ironed out most if not all of the past issues, I’m using Studio14U and it rocks. Studio 12 gave me the Sh!ts…..

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      I ought to go back and give them another try – not that I’m ready to leave Vegas Pro – I love my Vegas wayyyyyy too much – but I judged Pinnacle Studio on my experience with Studio 8 (which I could never get to render a full video without crashing). There might be some nice things Pinnacle has to offer if it works now.

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      I’ve commented about this in other threads but I see not in this one. My two cents on Pinnacle (just so it’s recorded here in the event it helps someone) is that I used it for years, going back to 2004 or so. I had all kinds of trouble back in the day with earlier versions. I use version 12 still today, however, with nary a problem. I think back years ago my computer was underpowered and that might have accounted for some of the problems. Plus I had no clue what I was doing, what a codec was, etc.

      Studio 12 Ultimate, which I use today, is quitea package for the price. Handles HD for like $150.00. Can’t beat that. And, it’s EASY to use. I have graduated up to Adobe Premiere Pro now, and I try to use that almost exclusively, but there are times when I pull out Studio 12 just to do a quick job here and there. It’s pretty neat and on up to date equipment, it gets the job done nicely (especially for the price).

      FYI I once rendered an HD vacation video in Pinnacle (shot with my Sony camera in AVCHD) on a laptop that didn’t even meet the requirements for the software as set forth on the box. The machine hated me for it and let me know it repeatedly. In the end, however,the final product of the video turned out okay. I couldn’t preview it in Pinnacle but had to burn copies to preview. Then end result wasn’t too bad!

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      I did some research into Pinnacle and found on testing that my Preview screen would always goto Black. After some time I found you have to turn off Hyper Threading in your BIOS

      Has any one tried that?



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