Issue with bracket adaptor

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Hello :
I have just purchased an external mic (audiotechnika AT897) for my camcorder Panasonic gs230.

In front of these elements I realized I cannot put the mic on my camcorder due to the incompability between the mic support and the camcorder bracket.

I'd like to know if someone has an idea in order to put the mic on the camera ?
I've seen on ebay some external brackets which could be a great solution but the format is exactly the same as the camcorder bracket...

How to do then ?
All ideas are welcome ... thanks

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What kind of bracket exactly are you talking about?

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I did a google search to see what your camera looks like. You have what is called a "cold shoe." (right in front of your view finder, right?)

What did your camera come with, a pistol grip with a screw hole on the bottom side of the grip? or did it come with a holder that you screw onto a mic stand?

What you need is a shock mount that will attach to a camera's cold shoe