Isopropyl alcohol on video heads to clean.Whats the problem?

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      Okay I am not stupid. From the title of this post it might seem that way. I know that you are not supposed to clean video heads with Alcohol. And I never have… But why not?

      My question is this…
      What type of material are the video heads made of that is so sensitive? I mean they gather dirt like a pair of white socks in the mud. When I look into the tape housing in my camcorder, all I see are a couple metal rods.

      MiniDV heads are worse than Hi8 or VHS heads. When MiniDV heads get dirty the thing won’t record or play anything. At least Hi8 and VHS play & record distorted pictures.

      How much does it cost to get video heads replaced on a Minidv camcorder? In General.

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      I will give him a call check him out. Is there a web address by any chance? Do you know if he will be in the SUB-$500 range? Sony was looking at charging around $550 plus shipping.

      Again to my question of the problem with [b]Alcohol on the video heads? I don’t understand why that is so bad. Everyone keeps saying bad bad bad. But no one seems to have an answer as to why except "because everyone else says so."[/b]

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      From what I’ve been told, there’s a protective coating applied to the head of the VCR deck. Using alcohol not only eats the gum on the heads, but it can also eat away this protective layer. When that happens, the head is ruinied.

      Read my response to you here for details. 🙂

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