Is WEVA worth it?

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      I’ve been considering joining WEVA lately. What are the feelings of other folks here? Has been being a member of WEVA been a benefit, or at least worth the cost of the membership? I’ve been doing fine so far, but if anyone thisnks WEVA would do me good, I might pony up and pay the cash.


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      Yeah, I’m not sure if WEVA is for me. Honestly, I’ve always felt that organizations like WEVA are good for the whole networking issue, but you can get that at sites like this for free.

      Lately though, more of my competitors have joined WEVA, and as I result, I’ve heard the question asked, in several different wordings, why I’m not in WEVA if I’m a pro. And the harder and longer I try to explain that being a member at WEVA doesn’t mean you’re a good videographer but rather that you were willing to pay the cash to join, the less people seem to comprehend it.

      I don’t think I’m losing business because I’m not part of this elite organization, but if anyone has ever had a referral because of WEVA, I’d be interested to hear about it.

      Otherwise, for my budget, it’s not really worth it.

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      The Twin Cities area, where I’m located, is absolutely NOT a big market. I started my business in the Town of Buffalo, about 20 minutes west of Minneapolis, and there’s one other pro Wedding Videographer in a 15 mile radius, and he’s twice the price that I am. Inside the cities area is where most of my competition comes from, but even out there, there’s not a lot. However, a growing number of them are in WEVA, which is why my thoughts have been drifting that way lately.

      Personally, I don’t see WEVA as a serious source of business, but at the most, a "Seal of Aproval" such as joining the BBB might be. Frankly, I’d rather have people take my jobs because I can show tham a good demo video, not because I paid a couple hundred bucks to be in some club. Then again, a couple hundred bucks for a membership, as you said, if it even generates one lead, is going to pay off.

      I guess it all comes down to whether I view it as advertising. I run on a super low advertising budget (under $1000 a year) so I can’t go out and spend 25% of that in one hit if it won’t do me any good. Besides, I get much better business through referrals than I do through other advertising anyway. πŸ™‚

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      I have been doing a lot of research on WEVA and the one thing they offer that I think will drive me to join is the offer of the affordable insurance rates offered to their members. All of the insurance needed in this business, they offer members for low group rates.

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