Is using copyrighted music legal at last???

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      Anyone heard of the Zoom program – launched recently by WEVA? The first batch of cleared songs are due to be released this month (October 2006) apparently…

      ZOOM – Music Licensing for Videography & Digital Imaging allows you to:

      Legally use music in your wedding or event video production
      Create an account and purchase Zoom License credits
      View songs that have been cleared into the program
      Register and track your uses
      Request songs to be cleared in the program
      Print out a synch license for each song used
      Receive frequent updates on new songs cleared for use

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      Using copyrighted music has always been legal granted you get the proper clearneces and usually pay a good chunk of money. ZOOM just deals with all of the licensing hassles for you and acts on your behalf, making your life easier.

      I did a little write up about it ->

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