Is this possible in either Final Cut or Adobe Premiere?

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      Firstly, hello…newbie there! I am getting in to video editing now on my Mac, spent many many years making music and now I am branching out in to visuals too.

      Theres something that I am trying to do at present and I just cant find any info on the web about it; if it is indeed possible!

      OK…heres what I want to. Insert a backing track in to either Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere and film myself (using a suitable DV cam) playing guitar over it simultaneously through the line in; much like you would using audio in a sequencer. Thats it. I would like to do this all in one program, I dont like having to record the audio seperatly and having to sync up afterwards; its a long convoluted process…its a pain!

      So basically, is this possible with either of the above programs?

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      If you are looking to have your editing program playing the music while recording you playing along,I am not aware of any editor that is able to playback and record at the same time

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      Thanks for the reply.

      I wonder if there is some program that can sync programs together so that they record at the same time? (eg, Garageband + Final Cut)

      I know you can sync up afterwards but it seems a bit convoluted to me and Im suprised that there doesnt seem to really be a way round it.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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