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      Hi folks,

      I just got a new in box Panasonic DMR-ES30VS DVDrecorder – VCR combo unit and while I’m quite satisfied with the quality, ease of use, and everything, there’s one thing that bothers me.

      I went to transfer a couple of old “copyrighted” VHS tapes from the 80s to DVD. One is a tape my mom wanted preserved as she now has a DVD player. It transferred to DVD just fine…but I’ve noticed that every 5 or 10 minutes of playback time on the DVD, something resembling lines (I call them “sprinkles”) appears for about 15 to 20 seconds and then disappears. It apparently recorded this way. It’s not from the tape because I played it beforehand in the spots where they appear on the DVD and they don’t show up.

      I also transferred a 2nd “copyrighted” tape to DVD for my own preservation and it did the same thing. These tapes are from 2 diferent companies, so I don’t think it’s copy protection.

      What I’m wondering is, is it normal to see these lines as a result of the transfer? Is it due to the age of the tape or the speed, or something? I could probably live with it, but if I can correct it, I’d like to.

      Thanx! 🙂

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      I guess that might make sense then…since I know years ago when we used to copy rented movies that sometimes the video did funny things. We used a signal booster to correct the problem.

      Unfortunately, my old VCR is from 1996 and has a specially built-in chip for copy protection. }:-@ I could transfer the tapes to my DVD recorder using that, but I don’t know if a signal booster would solve the problem…any idea?

      Heck, I’d even be willing to buy a used VCP cheap if it didn’t have that stupid chip in it. If that’s what it takes, that’s what I’ll do….but if I don’t have to, then I’d rather not.

      BTW – I should point out that the tapes I’m transferring are not available on DVD. I’ve checked (and still check regularly) and as of this writing, nothing.

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      OK, well I’m now in the process of transferring a home video to DVD and the lines appear with this one as well.

      Now what should I do? It can’t be that the DVD is dirty, as it’s brand new! (1 day old.)

      Thanx 🙂


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      Hi again,

      There is a computer nearby (which is not on when the DVD-VCR unit is on), so that might be the problem.

      The cable box and RF modulator are on top of it as well, so maybe they’re causing interference?

      I’ve also noticed that it only does this when I transfer VHS to DVD, no matter what mode. I’ve recorded TV programs to DVD and have no problems.

      Oh = one other interesting note – I did a “manual” transfer to DVD and when I saw the lines appear I paused the tape and then rewound it slightly, so I could hopefully transfer it in the clear to DVD. That got rid of the lines for that time. (Kinda weird I know).

      Thanx for all your help! 🙂

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      Use an external Time Base Corrector between the analog source deck and recorder. The “all in one” is only good for “home movies”.

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