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      I forgot to tell you on my last post about the computer that the videoguys built. It is a really nice videoediting pc and it cost $2,343 as of november 1st 2004.

      Case ASPIRE X-Navigator w/ 500W Power Supply Model #ATXA8NW-AL/500 $159.00
      Power Supply included w/ case $00.00
      Motherboard ASUS P5AD2 DELUXE $230.00
      Graphics Card PNY Quadro FX1300 128MB $590.00
      Processor INTEL P4 3.4GHz $280.00
      RAM 2x1024Mb KINGSTON DDR2 $624.00
      System Drive Qty 2 HITACHI 80GB SATA 7200 RPM $120.00
      Video Drives – RAID 0 Stripe Qty 2 HITACHI 160GB SATA 7200RPM $200.00
      OS Microsoft WINXP PRO OEM $140.00
      Total: $2,343.00

      If you follow their plan though since time has passed their are a few adjustments you would want to make. Substitute the ASUS P5AD2 Deluxe motherboard for the ASUS P5AD2-E Premium ($235) and I would recommend to substitute the INTEL P4 3.4 GHz processor for on of intel’s new 64-bit Pentium 4’s. Such as the Intel P4 650 (3.4ghz) which is $420 or the Intel P4 640 (3.2GHz) which is $286. If you do get the videoguys computer get the parts from they are a very good place to buy parts.

      God Speed,


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      I am looking for a reliable, high quality PC under $3,500 (not including monitors) to be used for video editing and graphic design. After reading through the VideoGuys recommendation article, as well as other magazine articles, I figured this would be a good choice:

      MJ-12 5500

      Warranty: 1-Year AlienCare Toll-Free 24/7 Phone Support with Onsite Service
      Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2
      Case: Alienware Professional Workstation Chassis – Silver/Black
      Power Supply: PC Power & Cooling 510 Deluxe
      Motherboard: Alienware PCI Express Motherboard with Intel 925XE Chipset 1066/800MHz FSB
      Processor: Intel Pentium 4 Processor 530J w/ HT Technology 3.0GHz 1MB Cache
      Memory: 1GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHz – 2 x 512MB
      Graphics Accelerator: NVIDIA Quadro FX 1400 PCI Express 128MB DDR w/Digital and S-Video Out
      System Drive: High Performance – Serial ATA – 80GB Serial ATA 7,200 RPM w/8MB Cache
      A/V Work Drives: High Performance with Data Security – Serial ATA RAID 1 – 160GB (160GB x 2) Serial ATA 7,200 RPM w/16MB Cache
      Removable Storage : Alienware 10-in-1 Digital Media Reader / Writer
      Primary Optical Drive: NEC ND-3520 16x Dual Layer DVDR/W Drive
      Network Connection: Integrated High Performance Gigabit Ethernet
      Additional Input / Output Controller: SIIG Firewire 800 3-Port PCI Controller
      Digital Audio Hardware: Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro High Definition 7.1 Surround with Dual Firewire (IEEE 1394)
      Primary Display: No Monitor
      Secondary Display: No Monitor
      Power Protection: Opti-UPS ES800C 800VA (480W Capacity)
      Speakers: Creative GigaWorks THX S750 – 7.1 700-Watt Speakers
      Keyboard: Microsoft Basic Keyboard Black
      Security Software: Norton AntiVirus 2005
      Free Alienware Mousepad: Free Alienware Mousepad

      I also plan on getting two Sony SDM-S94/S Stylepro 19″ Flat Panel LCD monitors. I already own two 120GB Western Digital external hard drives.

      Do you think this is a good set-up for what I need to do? I will be using this computer with the Adobe Video Collection and Creative Suite. Also, I have never owned an LCD monitor. Are the ones I mentioned a good choice? Here’s part of the specs.:

      Type TFT Active Matrix

      Viewable Size 19″

      Brightness 400 cd/m2

      Contrast Ratio 500:1

      Viewing Angle 150 Horizontal, 120 Vertical

      Pixel Dot Pitch 0.294

      Response Time 12 ms

      Panel Life Not Specified by Manufacturer

      Colors Supported 16.2 Million


      Internal Interface Analog/Digital

      Frequency Horizontal: 20 – 80 kHz
      Vertical: 48 – 75 Hz

      Sync Type TTL Level
      Sync on Green

      Resolutions Maximum: 1280 x 1024
      Native: 1280 x 1024

      Supported Resolutions
      Automatically adjusts to any resolution lower than 1280 x 1024.

      God bless,

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      I think you could get a lot more for under $3,500. Especially if you built it yourself. (As long as your comforable with computers). I built my editing rig for under $2,500 and it has a 3.4GHz Cpu. A X600XT Pci-Express videocard 128mb. 2 gigs of crucial ballistix DDR2 ram and dual 74gb 10,000rpm WD Raptors. Monarch Computer is a very good computer maker that I have bought parts for in the past. You pick the parts and they build it for you with a $50 build fee. Which gets you alot more for your money than alienware who charges like and extra $50 for each componet! Head over to and you can configure a killer workstation.


      P.S. Get at least 2 gigs of ram.

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      Thanks for the info. I’ll take it into consideration. πŸ™‚

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