Is this a Field Order problem or GOP settings?

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      Hi, I’ve been making a few videos over the last few months and I have been coming up against this problem quite frequently and allthough I have done some research and viewed many forums/Adobe help files and PDF’s I still can’t seem to fix the problem (see image).

      Source footage: Sony 1080i captured to Prem Pro project (looks great)

      Exported as iPod, YouTube SD & HD, Vimeo SD & HD (looks great)

      Export to MPEG2-DVD (looks OK except when lots of movement (see image) wobble lines)

      Is this down to my exporting incorrectly? I have tried Upper field, Lower Field, Progressive, VBR 1 & 2 Pass etc but I cant seem to fix it and it’s causing me no end of head scratching.

      It would be fantastic if someone could help me out and explain what I am doing wrong.

      Thanks’ for your time.

      wobbly image error

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      Is progressive scan on your DVD player turned on? Numerous times, the problem which seperates the quality of view from the original video is a problem with the TV, player settings, or computer CPU/GPU gets in the way of allowing full quality preview. Viewing MPEG-2 interlaced video in Windows Media Player (with the proprietary codecs downloaded) always gives me the picture like you posted above when viewiing with any real amount of motion.

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      Hi XTR-91,

      Thanks’ for the reply, it would seem that its definately an export problem as once I have exported from Prem Pro (where the output view looks fine!) and into Adobe Media Encoder and rendered the file and then imported into Encore; when I scrub through the timeline i can see the output is as above, which I first noticed after I had done a test burn and played the DVD in a Sony Blu-Ray player, although this is a standard DVD, mostly it looks good, its just when there is action/movement on screen i get the artifacts as depicted in the image. This is why I think it has something to do with my export settings rather than the end player. It looks good prior to export in Prem Pro and AME, but looks bad in Encore (and if burned, a DVD player) after export!

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      Hi Derek, having just done a quick search on Google for De-interlace in CS4 it would seem that that option has been changed to the select option of none(progressive), Upper, Lower. Which it would seem is supposed to be better than in the previous version, CS3. However as I mentioned in my first post I have tried all three export options with exactly the same results. Any ideas?

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      Quick Update: I have tried an export as an Matrox AVI file and imported that into Encore then transcoded, seems to be fine, only wish I new what the problem was so that I didn’t have to do the extra steps to get a good finished film..

      …oh well sod is still alive and kicking then…and still messing with my s@#t as usual πŸ™‚

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