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      Do you know of any video software that can enable the below or do you have any that can do this? It would be very useful for many people and save them a lot of time. If you do not know of any, do you know of someone who may be able to write software or modify existing software to do this?

      Currently I am using Media Portal to record TV programs from my duel tuner Hauppauge TV Tuner card. Portal saves the files as TS files. I play them back with VLC Media Player that has advantages over other software I have seen as they can be played back at double speed while understanding the audio. However, I want some software to simply edit the files and trim unwanted parts out. I have not found software to easily do this with TS files and I would rather avoid converting them to another format unless there is an advantage. This is because I have a lot of them to convert and an extra conversion step would be required for each file. Alternatively, a better way would be to use some software other than Media Portal to record the videos that records in another format. Media Portal has some bugs and disadvantages so I would be happy to use some other software if that is better. The TS files take up a fair bit of space on the hard drive. I would rather save files in another format if they take up less space.

      It would be good if there was video editing software that enabled viewing the video so that the screen of the video take up at least two thirds of the computer screen where the window can easily be resized. Some editors restrict you to a very small viewing size. It would be good to have a program like VLC media player but additionally enabled editing while playing the files back at double speed and understanding what is being said. I would like to click a button to start a section of a video to keep or delete and then another button to end the section to keep or delete. This would enable saving parts of the video and deleting unwanted parts.

      It would be good to be able to press a button or keystroke to hop back or forward a minute with one click and two minutes with two clicks etc. Another button or keystroke to go back less than a minute would also be good. This would enable replaying something just seen. I would also like the scroll bar to be easily moved by the click of the mouse to a position anywhere in the middle of the video. As an added bonus it would be good if it could be used like Media Portal to record TV programs. However, this feature would not be as important as I could use some other software to do this

      Currently I have a lot of videos of documentaries and I would like to have them play one after the other in the background while I work without having to manually go to the computer to start playing another one when one of them finishes. Is there software or a method that would easily enable doing this without having to join the files up in one file? If not it would be good to have the video editor easily enable joining files.
      What software do you suggest to do the above or could it be easily created?

      I am running Windows XP Home Addition.

      There is a list of free open source video editors at . Are any of these likely to be able to do what I want?

      Your help is appreciated
      Regards Richard.

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