Is there software that generates video from audio?

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      I’m looking for a program that takes an audio track, and creates a video track based on the audio tones etc. I know that such an app exists, but I can’t find it. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. Thank you.



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      What type of video? I’m asking becauseprograms like windows media player, or RealPlayer,have displays that change color paterns and graphics with the audio but I don’t think that is what your asking for.

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      itunes can do it easily. press command T when the music is playing and then do a screen video or just film your screen. the graphics will follow the music.

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      AE has an effect called wavform.

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      There are numerous audio apps around that generate equilizers, wave forms, or media visualizers that sync to the beat of sound/music – Windows Media Player starts including visuals somewhere around version7 or above. You can do some research for a handful of screen capture software downloads and decide which one is the best. If you’ve got a camcorder with video input, you can channel the S-Video or VGA (monitor) output from your computer with the proprietary (converter) cables.

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