Is there a way to show two shots simultaneously?

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      I want to create a training DVD that would involve two shots , each from a different angle. One would be displayed full screen and the other in a smaller box. The tricky part is that i would like the viewer to be able to swap boxes, increase the smaller box to full screen and vice versa. Any hope for this?

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      The quick answer is no, it is not possible as it would require programming.

      The longer answer is that you could either create your training course as a flash movie which would give you access toactionscript but then the training DVD would have tobe viewed on a computer rather than a DVD player.

      An inbetween option is to break your course down into short flv video clips and display them inside html web pages where you can have links to the various clips which would allow the student to switch views.

      A less elegant option would be to create a standard dvd but tooffer the”student” different streamsto follow as part of the DVD menu.

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      I don’t know what program you use, but I use DVD studio pro.

      Just like in normal storebought DVD’s there is usually a function built into the DVD player that allows you to change angles.

      Just create two versions of the video. One with video A in full screen and video B in the small box. Then create another video with the videos switched.

      The put them on two different angle lines in the video stream. Then the user can choose to change angles from their DVD remote.

      That is one option.

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      Wow, thank you both for the quick replies. I wear so many hats here that I only just now sat down to check.

      I have mac CS4 Flash but I’m a real noob at it. I’m much better with AI and PS πŸ™‚ I also have mac Final Cut Pro. I like the idea of using flash, but i wouldn’t even begin to know how. Playing it on a computer wouldn’t be a problem at all as it’s a pc training video. The html solution seems approachable, even easy for me but, as you say, not elegant.

      I like the angles bit. I’ve rarely used it during playback but I do recall the option, at least on some dvd’s. Would I be able to accomplish this in Final Cut Pro? If so, I’ll do some legwork on this. It would just be nice to know ahead of time so I’m not chasing any unicorns πŸ™‚ Also, regarding compatibility, would you have any idea how well-integrated is this feature into the retail stream of dvd players (both set top and pc?)

      Thanks again people, I really appreciate your assistance.

      BTW Framesmith was a joke, I’m such a noob. But a grateful one πŸ™‚

Viewing 3 reply threads
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