Is there a video editting or presentation tool that use data

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      from a table or database, to define its run or visual aspects.
      EXAMPLE: I have a presentation template that shows graphs based on certain data in a table, or better yet a video presentation show a repetitive scene based on a number in a table?
      I need some interactivity to the video being produced.

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      Video is what it is. You would have to convert your data to some kind of document that is supported by your NLE to be able to use in in a video project.

      As far as presentation software, MS Power Point is designed to do what you’re asking. All you do is get yourself a projector and you could run your presentation from your laptop and have it all projected on the screen. What’s better about Power Point is that you can embed video within the presentation as well.


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      I’ll second Power Point. I just did that for a client and the results were great. I just burned the DV master to a video CD, then PP sees it as a source to insert into the presentation.

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