Is there a Canon GL3 or Sony VX-2200 on the horizon?

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      I’m just about ready to buy a nice new camcorder but have not decided yet between the Canon GL2 and Sony VX2100. Don’t worry, I won’t ask for advice in this post… I’ve actually found some good comments here and elsewhere on the web (Amazon has some good user reviews).

      But here’s my question: both these cameras have been around awhile so I would hate to buy one now (in March 2007) only to find out that next month the GL3 or VX2200 will be out. Has anyone heard rumors or facts of such news?

      I know the big NAB convention is next month so I assume that would be the time to announce new cams. But then I wondered if the move to HD might mean that there will never be a replacement for the GL2 and VX2100… these will be the last of the prosumer Mini DV cams in the $1,500 to $2,500 price range. That’s a shame since I’m not ready to go with DVD or hard drive recording yet.

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      My best guess is that there won’t be a GL3 or VX3000.

      As for Canon, it seems to me that the XH-A1 is acting as the "GL3." And, I feel that Sony will retire the VX line without making a new VX model. They still sell the VX2100. Canon still carries the GL2. Any new prosumer models will probably be sporting HDV and a new model name.

      That’s just my gut feeling.


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