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      Hi there,
      I just recently switched from the Mac world to the PC one. I had a PC built that has some decent power/storage and switched to a PC due having more programs available for it, etc. I have Adobe Premier Pro 2.0 on it and have started toying around with it to get the feel. I noticed that it doesn’t seem to recognize DL DVDs (I saw another post confriming this). I started to think about finding a work around and then wondered if there is anything decent to use that has everything I need in one instead of having to install and jump around to a few different programs? Or is this just the PC world? My mac was fairly simple when it came to editing and burning. It was all self contained within one program. The program would not need to be extremely high end pro-but definitley capable of throwing a few wipes and titles on. I will be using this for making indy films, music videos, etc. I am looking for something that isn’t extremely complicated but is not too basic. Anyone know of some suggestions? Or even a few programs like this that at least work and recognize each other to make the workflow easier?
      My end product I would like to have is an editing program that can offer me some pro looking results with more than a handful of effects, titles, etc can author the DVD with custom menus (ie a still from the clip as background with a few scenes showing) and able to burn on DL DVDs if I want to use them. On my Mac I didnt have to convert and find work arounds for what I needed to get done and was hoping someone could offer a solution to me. My Mac (G3) was getting outdated and I wanted more storage and options available to me so I had the PC built.
      Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.
      Thanks for your time.

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      Is there a reason why you want to burn on DVD DL disks so bad?

      The reason I’m asking is that a lot of the set top DVD players out there are still having problems reading and playing these disks correctly. I still stay away from these until I know that this technology is proven out.

      DL disks usually work OK with PC burners on computers but when it comes to grandma being able to play it on her DVD player, chances are very high that she might not be able too.

      As far as your main question, there are a lot of all in one programs out there. Some have there good points and some have their bad points. The best way is to compare the different packages out there and maybe even download the trial versions. I know that VM has done several comparison articles too. Maybe dig around for those.


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      I am sorry to hear that you have treaded into the darksid. This being said like the previous post said DL disks are not the best as far as compatibility goes. So burning to DL disks may not be the best idea.(also the disks are much more expensive) But regarding the availability of programs available for any system its not quantity but quality that counts. Also this being said I love premiere and hope that the rumor is true that it will be coming back to the mac in its next release.

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      Pinnacle Studio is a very good one-step solution: capture, edit, author, burn. The current version is 10. I have version 9. I don’t know if version 10 burns DL, but see the other posts. If your video isn’t terribly long, you won’t need DL.

      Studio is very intuitive and easy to learn and use. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles and professional features that other editing programs have, but it has everything you describe you want (DL capability aside). Many people claim that Studio is buggy and unstable; personally, I have NEVER had a problem. It also costs less than many other programs. I believe it’s about $100; I’m not certain.

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      Hi there,
      Thanks for the responses. The reason I am wanting to burn on DL is for one of the pieces of work that I do. I shoot live wrestling shows for a few different companies and it would be easier for me to give their post guy a single disc with their 4 hour show on it than 2 seperate discs. Not a huge issue, but I don’t want to lose quality on anything that I have to do that is over 2 hours and won’t fit on a standard dvd. For the music videos and filmwork I do, I would most likely be using standard dvds as I wouldn’t require the extra space. I was just wanting to dump my footage into my computer, burn it and give him a single disc.
      Then I started wondering what was out there and what was recommended by people that have used them. Everything looks good on the box haha. Thanks for your helpful input.

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