Is the quality the same between WMM and other programs

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      It’s important to understand that you’re not “capturing” video via firewire. Capturing infers analog-to-digital conversion or format conversion. If you intend to work in DV
      then when you connect your camera to your IEEE-1394 port
      you’re simply transferring binary data from your camera to your hard-drive using the standard Texas Instruments (OHCI) or Microsoft DV port drivers. This is no different than using the computer’s USB, Serial, or Printer port.

      A DV codec is important when you render the video from your software program. Unless a video editing program specifically provides its own DV codec, the default will be
      the standard Microsoft codec. I believe that MSP7 and Windows Movie Maker both use the standard MS codec. Although MSP7 might support 3rd party codecs as well.
      Programs like Vegas or Premiere provide their own DV codecs,
      which definitely delivers better output results than the MS codec.

      MSP7 allows you to convert the incoming DV stream directly to MPEG format. This would be useful if you want to write the video directly to DVD or VCD without editing. However, if you intend to edit your video, you’re better off editing in native DV than any compressed MPEG format.

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      When capturing video via firewire, is the quality going to be the same if I use Windows Movie Maker or if I use Ulead Media Studio. Does WMM use a different codec to capture the video, or is that just when rendering.
      I had used WMM because after capturing it would seperate the clips. But I am going to use MSP for the editing. Also if anyone knows, will MSP seperate the clips? It is MSP V6 VE.

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