Is Sony Vegas Pro 8.0a new for $80 a good deal?

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      I can buy a new version on a closeout of Sony Vegas Pro 8.0a for only $80. This seems like a great deal. Are there any problems with 8.0a that I should be aware of?

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      If this is a legit copy it’s a great price – Once you have 8.0a you can get free updates to the latest 8.0 version (8.0c). I don’t know where you are getting this price but VideoGuys has VP 8.0 for $500 but it includes a free upgrade to VP 9.

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      It was on Ebay with a starting bid of $50 and a Buy It Now of $80. The seller seemed legit. I should have just bought it. It went on the Buy It Now before I could get back to it. I missed that deal!

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      Vegas Pro 9 is being shipped on Monday. So yeah, if you obtained a legitimate copy of Pro 8 for cheap, you would get a deal on upgrading to Pro 9 next week.

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      Not so fast………..

      I was looking on the Sony Vegas forums yesterday, and there were posts about people selling their version 8 and buying the upgrade to version 9.

      Apparently Sony does allow this (if you carefully follow their guidelines), but the person buying the “used” copy of version 8 will never be able to upgrade to version 9 (unless, of course, he buys a new copy of Vegas 9 at full price).

      So check if you’re buying a “new” version 8 or a “used” version 8. Of course, for some people, just having a non-upgradable copy of Vegas would be a good thing if priced right.


Viewing 4 reply threads
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