Is Sony HVR 1000e Video Cam any good?

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Hi guys i just bought a sony hvr 1000e video cam and im looking to venture in to musical videos. I will like to know if this cam is any good and any sort of advice for a biginner like myself will be appreciated.

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Say it ain't so!

I don't have time for an in depth response here. I
will say that I used one for about a year as a 3rd camera that I used
with my Z5Us. I actually replaced it with a consumer Panasonic camera
last year.

Whats good about it? It is shoulder mount, and can make you look
professional when you show up on the scene. Also if you are "old
school" and prefer to use tapes, this thing will do that for you. The touch screen to focus is a nice feature that I wish my other cameras had.

What's not so great? Low light sensitivity is horrid. Most of the
newer consumer cameras will handle darker areas better, which is why I
replaced it. Also being the size and all I needed it for was an
occasional 3rd camera, the small palm sized Panasonic made much more
sense. Also know that with tape you are recording HDV which is
1440x1080, and not 1920x1080. Not a huge deal, my Z5s do HDV quality as
well, but you would never know it with the sensors. You also have to
download all footage in real time, and dropped frames are a HUGE issue
with this camera. I rarely had 10 minutes of pure clean footage. For
looking professional though, this is really just a consumer camera in a
huge hollow body with technology that is a few years old. You get limited control over settings, and the settings you can control are almost all menu based.

I hate to be a downer, but this is my experience with this camera.