Is Social Networking Failing?

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      Here’s some possibilities for discussion …

      How much time, effort and energy do you invest in working, developing and maintaining your social network environment for marketing purposes?
      Are you on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter … others? Do you visit them daily and maintain an ongoing strategy to try and “commercialize” your presence there?
      What do you think is the secret to reaching people outside your “friends” and fellow “Tweeters” those who are NOT with you because they LOVE you, but have heard of you and follow you because you offer valid, timely and interesting content or comments?
      It seems the social network mostly connects us with people who are already in the same business, share similar lines of thought and marketing need, or are our parents, former girl/boyfriends or co-workers …
      … what’s the benefit in that, and how do we reach the “consumers” we’re all desperately needing to expand our business reach?
      IMHO, LinkedIn though much less popular at large, seems to have the MOST potential for driving legitimate traffic to our websites and business environs from people who would most likely be searching for qualified service providers. Though here also there’s a tendency for like-minded people to connect, seems the potential to reach outside our primary sphere of influence is greater if we work and maintain the site.
      Any thoughts on this?

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      Grinner Hester

      As with avything, target is key. Look for firnds and family and thats who you are gonna find. Try to connect with folks that can propel your business and that’s who you’ll end up in front of.

      Standing out in a crowd is often good, at least when wanting to get noticed. I was blessed with a very unique name and it’s helped me gratly over the years. I applied at The Nashville Network as a director in ’92. I knew I wasn’t gonna get the job I was going after but I also knew the next time I came back, they’d remeber my name. I wound up being hired as an editor for TNN and CMT in ’95. I see today’s social networking, as I do it anyway, the same way. Whan I get a movers and shakers email from, I friend those who are VPs of programming for various networks. Not all accept because almost none of them know who I am. The point is, those who do, DO know who I am when I call to pitch a new show.

      My Dad sat me down when I was 12 and laid some pretty great advice on me. “Grin, when I was in school, I dated the prettiest girls, the head cheerleader or whomever I wanted. Do you know why? Because I asked.” I got it. Intimidation gets a brother nowhere in life. By that, I target who I WANT to work with. If you sift through my friend list on facebook, you’ll see all of my family and fiends, no doubt. But you’ll also see well known artists… not all of whom I have worked with… some whom I want to. You’ll see execs from every major network,agencies and production companieswho hire freelancers, distrubutors, my agent, his competition, ect. Twitter? Man, I don’t mess with it much. I just post videos and bigger projects I work on and I use to have a twitter link on my website. LinkedIN? Damn near has become my resume today. Didn’t set out for that but I dig the testimonials from those I’ve worked with in the past and that goes much futher to potential clients than a templated resume too boring to sift through.

      The combination of all the above allows me to sell turn-key ad campaigns to clients utilizing all social networking sites to promote the youtube fodder created. These clients seldom buy time on TV anymore as they appriciate the bigger bang for the smaller buck. I’ve also gained gigs by reconnecting accidentally with folks I use to go to school or play ball with… who may now be in seats at big companies than can utilize my services. I even reconnected with a long lost family member this morning.

      All in all, if your not social networking, your are not networking.

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      Justin Bieber is a self made celebrity star through his own doing using YouTube. This made a profound impact on how I now view social networking sites.

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