Is Pinnacle systems still arround?

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      Hi Videomaker forrum,

      I am a newbie and I have Pinnacle studio 9 plus. At least I used to until one week ago.

      I have re-formatted my computer after a spyware infiltrated it. To keep a long story short, i have installed all my Pinnacle software in order from version 7 to 9 and the 9.3 patch. This works however my activation keys for the upgrade to studio 9 plus and mpeg2 decoder don’t work. I noticed the passport key is different also now.

      I can not reach Pinnacle systems trough the link within studio 9 and not directly with MS internet explorer. Neither does the email, since this goes trough there website. I also have called them on the phone but sofar each time I get disconnected after they tell me there are to many people on the phone line.

      I know this question should be on the Pinnacle website, but …..

      Does any of the forrum readers maybe know if Pinnacle (website) is just down or worse?

      I am a Videomaker magazine reader and that’s how I got to think about posting this question here.

      And last let me excuse for typo errors since Englisch is not my native language.

      Thanks, Erwin P. van Beveren

      PS the link to Pinnacle:

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      I don’t know about thehome office or website, but Circuit City has loads of their products.

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      Thanks for the information.

      I have followed the links but none of them work on my computer. If you say that Pinnacle is alive and well, then I have no reason to doubt that. It must be my computer, I will try from a friends computer and else I will remove all my virus and spywear software to see if that is preventing me from going to there website.

      In the worst case I will re-format and install Pinnacle again.

      Thanks again, Erwin

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      Alright, this help has let me into the right direction.

      I went to internet settings and chainge the privacy settings and reset the modem, as instructed from the internet provider, and was able to log in with Pinnacle.

      My studio works great again.

      I have no idea why I could log on to all the other websites, but he, I am just a railroader and not a computer tech.

      I want to thank you for the help on this “problem” eventhough it did not realy belong on this forrum.

      Thanks, Erwin P . van Beveren.

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      For what it’s worth – I’ve been a participant/user of the Pinnacle boards for the last 5 or 6 mos and have received a lot of value from them. (I’m not associated w the company in any way other than being a customer).

      There’s a lot of helpful knowledgeable people on the boards – most of whom are not pinnacle employees.

      good luck to you.

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      Thanks for the info.

      Now that my internet let me log in to Pinnacle I will check them out.

      The reason I was wandering if they were still arround is the fact that I could not log onto there website, error on my computer, and the fact that I could not email them and they did not answered the telphone. Well they answered but hung up due to high vollume they said, this was true for 3 times. Given this i was realy thinking they were gone…

      I like the use of Pinnacle becouse it is verry easy just click and go.

      At this time I am converting Dutch PAL system vhs tapes to NTSC dvd.

      Computer number1 is playing back the PAL vhs tape trough a multi-system (PAL-SECAM-NTSC) vcr and this computer has NTSC TV out. This TV out signal goes to the input of my NTSC vcr which is attached to the computer number 2 and via the Pinnacle dc10 card I can capture this NTSC signal. Later clean the captered film andf burn to DVD.

      I have about 15 old (1980’s) movies to do, since I don’t have a PAL tv I can not watch them on TV. Now with this I have DVD’s that play anywere. I also have another 12 PAL dvd’s to do.


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