Is my pc’s CPU too slow for Premiere Elements 9?

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      Hi, I am new to this forum and have a question regarding system requirements. I
      received in the mail, today, Adobe Elements 9 with both Photoshop and
      Premiere. The min. reqs as listed on the
      box may be greater than what my relatively new Sony Vaio has to offer. How will this affect performance? In particular, the product requires a 3Ghz
      processor for HDV or Blue Ray. I plan to
      edit HDV tape but my processor is only 1.6 GHz. However, the CPU benchmark for this processor, the Intel Core I7, Q720@1.6GHz, is higher than some processors with speeds greater than 3.0GHz, as detailed at the website Here are some other specs for the VAIO laptop I am using:6.00 GB RAM, 500GB (7200 rpm) disk, NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M (1GB dedicated graphics memory);DirectX 10;64-bit Windows 7; model Sony Vaio VPCF11JFX/B.
      This laptop is only 5 months old.
      Is this too slow? Will use of
      this product with this processor cause aliasing or other undesirable effects? Should I send the software back and wait until I buy a more powerful computer? Currently I am not using anything for video editing?

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      If your computer slows down,or locks up only when you use a certain software app.,that would be a good clue that you need a less complicated app.,or, a more power packed computer,I use several editing app.s,Windows Live Movie Maker,Cyberlink Power Director 8,Edius Nero 2,I find that ONLY Nero locks up when working with a video longer then 40 minutes,but that isnt really a problem,most of my videos deal with wildlife,and or nature subjects in one way or another,so I work mainly with stuff when complete runs from 3 minutes to 20 minutes,I know I will sooner or later get a newer,better,faster tower,but that will have to wait,Im having fun now,and can manage as it is,however YOU may need to UPGRADE now……………….and just like a car,NEW doesnt mean better…………..go online and hav a gander at BestBuy PC’s………..

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      Hey Abe613,

      Ok from what you have said let me try and help clear some stuff up. Your laptop sounds like it will not only handle it but give some back as well. The way that the i7 works is was different than normal processors. Think of it this way. I have many computers and one has a quad duo system that processes data at 2.40 Ghz. Since its a quad system that means its preprocessing data though four channels at 2.40 Ghz speed. The i7 does differently. Your computer processes data though 9 channels at 1.6 Ghz speed. So yes you are correct when you saw that the i7 1.6 out speeds some other processors. The i7 has made video editing a great deal faster with this multi processing system. I hope this has helped. I do not think you have to return your computer, you should be more than fine to do any editing including HD footage. Best regards.

      Jim Monroe

      Houston wedding videography

Viewing 2 reply threads
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