Is my computer good enough for editing?

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      I have settled on buying the Canon HF100 HD camcorder but I saw this review on Amazon and am wondering if my laptop may not be robust enough to deal with editing movies. Basically, the system information of my pc is:

      Intel Celeron processeor 1.3 GHz, 448 mb RAM, 40GB hard drive.

      Is this strong enough to handle editing HD movies?


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      the HF100 compresses to AVCHD which is one of the most intensive codecs arounds. When it first released, everyone around it said that you couldn’t even process the raw footage without a dual core procesor. From the look of things, your rig is definitely underpowered but for a basic rig, you may be able to upgrade for cheap. I will say this though, I have a MacBook Pro with a 2.5Ghz processor and 4Gb DDR3 RAM and I still have to render before I can process the information in my NLE so just remember…the better the rig when working with AVCHD, the easier your life will be.

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      “Intel Celeron processeor 1.3 GHz, 448 mb RAM, 40GB hard drive.

      Is this strong enough to handle editing HD movies?”

      Many people will tell youto toss that computer…they may even laugh at you….but if you can add more RAM, your computer is capable…you also want to get more hard drive space…

      You’re also gonna what to keep the projects short with minimal effects…it is still gonna be a bit painful,so Vegas might be the best software for your situation as it’s more forgivingon weaker computers and convenientlyutilizes playback of various formats as best as your computer will let it. Programs like Premiere and Final cut are a little morepicky and demand that you know what you’re doing and hate when you mix various formats.

      Adding a nice video card will help the editing procees as well, but at that point you may just want to get a newer computer.

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      thanks for your replies. I guess I need to save up for a better PC then.

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      thanks for your replies. I guess I need to save up for a better PC then.”

      It’s definately a good idea to save up for a new computer, but in the meantime I think you’ll be happy and maybe even a little suprised at how much you’ll be able to create with what you have….you also shouldn’t haveany problems editing standard DV footage.

      In the past, programs could operate with much lower RAM, but since RAM is now inexpensive, software companies create their programs to utilze a higher amount of RAM thus making them much more efficient….

      I’m willing to bet that your computer is upgradable to 2GB RAM…if not, it should still be able to utilize 1GB RAM(two 512MB sticks)

      If your computer takes PC3200RAM (400MHz) I have an extra stick of512MB…If you want, I can send it to you and that’ll put you just over 1GB….

      If however, you can upgrade to 2 GB, I would recommend you do that if you have the extra mula. You’ll just need to get two sticks of 1GB RAM…it should cost you under 80 bucks.

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      I have been editing HD on a Pentium 4 (2.52ghz) with 1 GB RAM – I cannot edit native AVCHD (MTS) with this but convert to a lightly compressed MPEG (M2T). I did edit MTS files just fine on a Core 2 Duo 1.8 ghz machine with 2GB RAM (I do not have this machine any longer).

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