Is it worth it to upgrade from 32bit to 64?

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      I am thinking about upgrading my operating system from Windows XP to Windows 7. My current hardware configuration is: AMD 64 Athlonx2 @3.2 ghz with 4 gb of RAM, an Nvidia GeForce 7600 with two 500 gig esata drives and 1tb esata external drive for back ups. I feel like I am not letting my hardware live up to it’s potential.

      The reason I am contemplating upgrading is because lately Sony Vegas Pro has been freezing and crashing in the middle of editing and trying to edit a choppy video preview is a pain.

      I have read that Microsoft has made it a pain to upgrade from xp to 7 as a punishment for not buying vista. I don’t really want to go through the hassle but if it will improve my editing time and make for more efficient work flow then I’m willing.

      What are your opinions? Should I or shouldn’t I? Or, is there something else I could do, like upgrade my video card? remove other programs like norton? Thanks

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      No idea about the possibility of MS ‘punishments’. However, it is absolutely worth upgrading to 64-bit. My latest workstations are 64-bit and I work less and less with my old 32-bit units as I hate how long it takes them to do things compared to my multicore, higher RAM 64-bit rigs. Be advised, make sure your systems mobo is rated for 64-bit. The primary reason for going 64 is to utilize higher amounts of RAM. Typical 32 bit boards max out at 4GB of RAM.

      Oh and I (sounding more like a crocodile’s hiss than human) haaaaate Norton’s products. I switched to AVG in ’08 and haven’t looked back. Norton’s is a mega-pain when used on a NLE because it has so much crap running in the background even after you’ve turned much of it off.

      Same advice about upgrading your video card. Make sure it’s compatible with 64-bit and whether it would work with your board.

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