Is it possible to instruct a DVD player to pause during Playback?

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      Editing Software: Sony Vegas 9.0DVD Burning Software: Sony DVD Architect I am working on an instructional video and the customer wants the video to automatically pause at certain points in the video so the viewers can discuss questions that are presented in the video. Does anyone know how to cause either Sony Vegas Pro 9 or Sony DVD Architect to insert a pause command into the video stream at certain points during the playback to force a generic DVD player to pause playback?

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      I can’t think of a pause function but you could direct each chapter to return to the chapter selection menu after playing. Then they could select the next chapter (they would have to un-pause it anyway) to continue. Architect should give the option to bring the cursor to the following chapter so they wouldn’t have to navigate, just hit select. Or depending on how long you expect them to discuss it, you could extend the time of each chapter to run for a period of time with the “Discuss now” or “Skip to the next chapter to continue”text on the screen and they would just skip forward to start the new chapter. That might not work if you have several stopping points and/or lengthy chapters not to mention if they are really chatty.

      The easiest way would be to instruct the customer on how the pause button works.


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      I’m not sure you can use a chapter menu to accomplish what you’re trying to do. If you render out each segment of your video separately, you can then create a menu system with a different “button” for each video. I always use “text only” buttons to do this in DVD Architect. Make a list of buttons that link to each separate video, then play around with the “end action” of each one. At the end of each segment, just tell DVD Architect to go back to the previous menu. In your “end actions” panel, you can even specify which button to highlight next. That way, there’s no navigation on the remote to select the next segment. When segment one is ends, it links back to the menu and segment two is already highlighted. The presenter just hits enter on the remote and segment two begins.

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