Is CD duplication is the right choice for me??

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      Last week my daughter participated in a Dancing competition and came first in it.And I was the only one from the family who saw it live ..The school gave a CD of the dance competition to all the participants. Now I am planning to get that CD duplicated. I would need probably 20 to 25 duplicated CDs and I am thinking of distributing it amongst all my relatives and friends.

      I dont want to compromise in terms of quality at all. So I want to know whether I should go for duplication of CDs or replication. I heard replication ensures better quality. Kindly suggest what should I do.

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      First question, is it CD’s or DVD’s?

      For 20 to 25 you would probably come out cheaper just dubbing them yourself. Most replication companies will want a larger minimum. I’d say duplication.


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      Onethingto note here:make sure youhavepermissionto duplicate this disc.If the schoolsells extracopiesforfamilymembers, thenit’s probably not allowedto dup it yourself.

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      Cd duplication is perfect for you as the number you want are less in quantity and if you looking for some more information on Cd duplication and replication you can visit : .

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      Is the disc copyrighted? Did you pay for it? if so Whom did you pay for it? Where does the money go? Does some of the proceeds go back to the program? Is there a photographer/videographer out there trying to feed his family?

      Bottom line: ARE YOU STEALING?

      If the school is “giving” copies, then ask for more copies, or ask them for permission, Before making copies. I doubt anybody would mind if it were being given away.

      The above questions are the type of questions I’d ask anybody that calls up my business and asks me if I can Copy discs, dvd’s, photos, or artwork of any type, so don’t take it personally. Too many people fail to realize that just because you “Bought, borrowed, or rented something that is easy to copy, doesn’t mean you have the right to copy it.

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      Yes, something I failed to ask. Make sure you are not copying a copyrighted disc. There is probably a videographer who made that disc and makes his living from sales, to duplicate 20 to 25 is major stealing. If you contact him he can probably cut you a deal for the 25 copies cheaper than you can buy blanks and do it yourself, or go through a replication company. Plus you’d be getting copies from his master.


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      I would have to say it is extremely unlikely you can legally make duplicates of your (almost certainly) DVD. And no reputable company will make duplicates for you; they will require signed releases.

      But I thought I’d add a bit about the difference between duplication & replication. Duplicates are made from ordinary Write Once discs, so they have all the same flaws. Duplicated discs are “burned” with a laser in a recordable disc drive. They take a significant amount of time to duplicate and there’s a very real chance that some set-top players won’t be able to read a duplicated disc. It doesn’t happen often any more, but it can happen. So in my business, I guarantee the DVD will play or I will exchange it for a VHS tape.

      On the other hand, a properly replicated disc will play in any set-top DVD player (with the proper region code, if there is one.) Replicated discs are pressed from a negative master disc (kinda like vinyl records) and this lets them be replicated much faster. But the replication master is far more expensive to create and the discs must be made in a factory setting. I’ve read, in several different places, that the replication master will cost at least $1000. So it doesn’t make sense to replicate unless you need a large quantity (1000+) of discs that will play on any set-top player. Most companies that offer replication now offer duplication services as well, so you can find a number of companies to do the job.

      To get a better understanding of the processes involved, I recommend visiting Disc Makers ( and browsing their web site. They have a large number of options to provide exactly the products (or services) required by smaller production companies. They even have a duplication service where they take your master & provide a marketing site to sell copies from 1 to 100+ at a time and send you the profits as they are made. So you can provide web sales even without a web site of your own.

      So good luck (and don’t be stealing just because you can.)

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      yes you should go for CD duplication as the number of your desired duplicated cds is less.If you need any help in this regard, check out :


      Best of luck!!!

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